Between marketing and sales, it’s often not true love. However, your respective success depends on your South Korea Phone Number List department. So why is the current not flowing? Here are the reasons why your salespeople do not understand you and the converse! Marketing and Sales: two services that are too distinct. Very often, in SMEs and ETIs, Marketing and Commercial departments are two very distinct departments. Some companies may see it as simpler management and a productive organization, but in the field. We too often see that this partition between the two services is not only virtual: the marketing takes. Its actions in its corner and the salesperson prospecting from his side. side.

Unfortunately, this distance between you and the salespeople is a source of misunderstanding on both sides and sometimes even causes tension between you and the sales manager. The strength of our agency is that my partner Sébastien and I come from two different professions: he is a commercial profile and I am a pure marketer. This complementarity allows us today to stand out from other web agencies by offering you a service based on a dual marketing and sales approach . Quite simply because we regularly have differences of opinion resulting from our incomprehension of the role of the other. Very clearly, as a marketer and even if I understand the challenges he faces very well.

Marketing And Sales: Misunderstood Roles

It is impossible for me to put myself in the shoes of a salesperson. Just as it is not possible for a salesperson to put themselves in the shoes of a marketer. This incomprehension of roles comes directly from the organization of companies. The salesperson acts for short-term results when you, in marketing, follow a strategic approach. Whose significant results only fall in the medium / long term. Another difference. The salesperson, faced with the field, knows that to convert a prospect you have to understand his needs and respond to his objections. You, as a marketer, try to generate the largest volume. Of leads possible by taking a whole bunch of actions where the salesperson often fails to perceive the guideline.


The consequence of this misunderstanding is generally the same: the salesperson questions the leads you pass on to them and, for your part, you doubt their ability to achieve their goals. Marketing and Sales: different (and sometimes incompatible!) Objectives. The objectives of the sales representatives are quite simple: they have monthly or even quarterly objectives in terms of the volume of new customers and turnover. Your marketing goals are more complex or, at the very least, do not always determine the income they generate. As Marketing Director, you and your team take actions to gain visibility, strengthen the brand image and generate qualified prospects in the longer or shorter term that you will pass on to salespeople without often knowing what they are. become… !

But Why Am I Telling You This Here?

If the Marketing and Sales objectives are not aligned, tensions and bad faith are therefore present. Align Marketing and Sales: a crucial issue! The sales department, which is still prospecting in the traditional way, inevitably notices a drop in the efficiency of the levers it uses. The reason is simple: buyer’s behavior has changed. Buyers now carry out most of their purchasing thinking on their own, in which they look for relevant information on the Internet. The buyer now has more information than the salesperson forcing him to thoroughly review his way of prospecting. To meet the buyer’s expectations, the salesperson must no longer sell him a product but show him that he is the best person to help him solve the problem he is encountering.

This change in behavior imposes two things on you for which it is essential to align your objectives and your marketing strategy with sales : As a Marketing Director, you need to grab the buyer’s attention and convince them that your solution is the most relevant. The salesperson must opt ​​for a more personalized approach to understand and perfectly meet the buyer’s needs. In this situation, the salesperson has to process fewer prospects but devote more time to them. Aligning marketing and sales: a crucial issue. As you can see above, a lot of times the marketing department just attracts visitors to the website and converts them into leads before passing them on to salespeople. It’s way too early!

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