That you consult and those that you send directly to the recycling center. The same goes for your prospects. Your Algeria Mobile Number List that is perfectly suited to their current needs and expectations. Thus, depending on his field of activity, his problems but also his progress in his purchasing thinking, the buyer is looking for very specific content. If you are unable to meet their expectations, there is no chance that your prospects will contact you. You don’t have a strategy. As we mentioned earlier, as an innovative company, you know that communicating on the internet is vital. Unfortunately, busy with your daily life, you tend to carry out actions on the Internet when you have a little time.

Your actions thus lack regularity but also lack of organization. If you are unable to generate qualified prospects on the Internet, it is likely that you do not have a precise strategy identifying your objectives and the actions to be put in place to achieve them. If luckily you get contact from the internet, without a strategy, you won’t really know what actions convinced him to seek you out. You will therefore not be able to repeat the exploit. This naturally brings us to the last reason. You don’t analyze your actions. If you are here, chances are good that you are looking to really understand why you are not getting results with your Digital Marketing strategy.

The Marketing Director To The Rescue Of The Sales Department

You don’t have the elements in hand to draw the right conclusions and make the necessary changes to your strategy. However, the reasons, you have them within reach of clicks in the cluster of statistics. Which are available to you via tools like Google Analytics, your Email Marketing tools. Or even Social Networks. The majority of innovative businesses fail to generate qualified. Leads on the internet simply fail because they don’t take the time to analyze the performance of their actions to distinguish. What works and what doesn’t. Do you want to know how to put in place the marketing strategy that will allow you to generate qualified prospects for your salespeople? Check out our complete guide to B2B Inbound Marketing!


The Internet and social networks have profoundly changed the expectations and behavior of the buyer, greatly complicating commercial prospecting. To improve performance, salespeople must be able to rely on a marketing strategy adapted to these changes. With the Internet and social networks, buyers have now become accustomed to carrying out most of their purchasing thinking alone, forcing the salesperson to review the way they prospect. The buyer identifies a problem and goes directly to Google to find solutions that he compares before choosing the one that seems most relevant to him. It is only at this stage of his thinking that the buyer appreciates interacting with a salesperson. Commercial prospecting is dead: long live commercial prospecting!

Be Visible To Your Target On The Internet

In this situation, the buyer no longer expects a salesperson to sell him a product. But rather to show him that he is the right person to help him solve his problems and achieve his goals. To meet the challenge, salespeople must be able to position. Themselves as visible expert in their field of activity and devote themselves solely to the conversion of qualified prospects. In other words, the salesperson must be able to save the time he wastes in cold sales prospecting – mass phoning, door-to-door… – to invest in a proactive and altruistic approach allowing him to respond to requests. new buyer’s expectations. The salesperson must be able to have the necessary time to study.

In-depth the problems and needs of the prospect in order to 1) validate that your offers are relevant and 2) make an ultra-personalized commercial proposal increasing the chances of conversion. For this, the salesperson must be able to count on unfailing support from the marketing department. As Marketing Director, you have a key role to play in the modernization of commercial prospecting since it is up to you to put in place the effective marketing strategy for: Attract qualified visitors to your website and convert them into prospects; Feed the buying thinking of your prospects until the moment of decision-making; By implementing such a marketing strategy, you will provide your sales reps with qualified and mature prospects.

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