Marketing Automation is on everyone’s lips, but do you know all the benefits? Whether you are in Belgium Phone Number List of Marketing Automation are numerous and will convince you to take them now! It’s a fact: the buyer expects more personalization and a unique experience from you. Whether you are a general manager, marketing or sales manager. You must do everything possible to meet the precise. Expectations of your prospect throughout their buying journey. It takes time, doesn’t it? How excited would you be to learn that there is a way to better qualify your leads. Personalize your communications, and increase your revenue while saving time?

This is what Marketing Automation will allow you. The advantages of which are multiple for all the components of your business. The benefits of Marketing Automation for Marketing. With marketing automation. You no longer have to juggle different tools every morning to schedule your social media posts. Write your blog posts and send your emails. Marketing Automation allows you to plan all your tasks in advance and under the same platform. Freeing you up time for other marketing activities. You know it: for your marketing strategy to be successful, you must define precise objectives from which will result key indicators – KPIs – to be monitored. A top advantage of Marketing Automation here : rather than switching from one platform.

Marketing Automation To Save Time

To another to compile more or less reliable reporting, Marketing Automation allows you to group all your marketing actions into a single campaign. So you can consolidate and view your complete statistics at a glance and in real time : your traffic, your conversion rates, the number of new customers, engagement rate and all the important metrics for you. No more stress of monthly marketing reporting with Marketing Automation! Marketing Automation to lead a multi-channel approach. Thanks to marketing automation, you can reach customers in a personalized way through different online and offline channels: the creation of Workflow , emailing, a discussion chat, the use of social networks or even by means of ‘phone calls, all from one place.


The goal here is to offer your leads a unique and continuous experience to prevent the sales cycle from falling apart. Marketing Automation to personalize your communications. The ability to create and deliver the right content to the right person, at the right time, and at scale is arguably the greatest benefit of Marketing Automation. No other tool allows you to segment a base of several thousand contacts and send them so many different messages. This personalization allows above all to disseminate the message that advances your prospect in his purchasing journey. Marketing Automation to better manage your leads. Generating leads is good, but you still have to be able to manage them effectively.

Marketing Automation To Find All Your Data In One Place

Very often, we meet companies that conduct online marketing actions, which manage to attract a significant volume of visitors to their website and generate a lot of leads. The problem is that they fail to identify and process all of them. Marketing Automation allows you to avoid the holes in the racket since the identification and processing of leads is automated . This advantage of Marketing Automation allows you to automatically transmit a lead to a sales representative when it is mature and ready to be contacted. The Benefits of Marketing Automation for Sales. Marketing Automation to contact your leads at the right time. I regularly meet companies that contact all the leads generated from their website by phone.

This is not the right method: some leads are ready to buy, others are not. You must therefore allocate your time to dealing with the most mature leads and fuel the buying thinking of others. The lead management matrix to convert. Marketing Automation is a great help to you here since it allows you to feed your prospects’ thinking automatically thanks to its Lead Nurturing feature. Marketing Automation to improve the performance of your emails. It allows you to send your emails at the best time by scheduling them according to different actions taken by your leads. One of your prospects visits your price page? It might be interesting to send him an email to offer him a demo.

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