Without Workflow, there is no Marketing Automation. The quality of your Workflow directly depends on the Dubai Email List strategy. Here are the 5 prerequisites to be addressed to create an effective workflow. Who says Marketing Automation says sending of automated emails. Who says automated emails DOES NOT say mass emails! In order to generate qualified leads and convert them into customers with Marketing Automation, it is essential to send the right message at the right time. Create an emailing c send the right message to the right person at the right time. Before creating a Workflow, you must determine very precisely who it is for. I’m talking about demographic and behavioral characteristics here.

The performance of your Workflow is driven by the relevance of your segmentation lists. The point here is to determine what is the trigger for your Workflow. What action must a contact take to be integrated into your Workflow? The trigger could be the download of a white paper, the registration to your newsletter, to an event, or even the evolution of the Lead Scoring of your contacts. Determine the Duration of your Workflow. What is the optimal duration for a Workflow? It all depends on your Personas! Concretely, the duration of your Workflow must be aligned with the duration of your sales cycle. An effective workflow should contain enough emails to move your leads into the decision-making phase of the buying journey.

Determine Who is the Workflow for

Tests are necessary here and it is important to analyze the performance of your Workflow to refine their duration. Respect the Steps of the Purchasing Path in your Workflow. Buyer journey: the length of the sales cycle – Inbound Marketing To create effective workflows, you inevitably need to understand the purchasing journey of your Personas. As we saw in the previous point, your Workflow must send your leads emails containing high value-added content to feed their buying thinking. The idea is to advance your Leads to the decision phase before passing them on to your salespeople. Define a Goal for your Workflow. It is an essential part of a workflow and yet many marketers forget it.


Your prospect will already know the subject and the discussion will be richer in exchanges. An efficient website to measure the engagement of their prospects. I sent emails with links to our pages but I have the impression that my prospects have not read our articles. To understand the extent to which your prospects are ready to take action, namely at the next stage of their buying journey, it is interesting to measure their involvement. I like in the previous sentence, your sales reps feel that emails are not being opened and articles are unread, this may indicate that your prospect is not as hot as you think. There are a number of tools.

Determine the Starting Point of your Workflow

Yesware, Hubspot, Mailtrack, Streak …) which allows you to know for sure if the emails you send are opened and if the links they contain are clicked. A high-performance website to which we add a little technology for salespeople makes it easy to understand the engagement of your prospects. Each of your workflows must have a specific objective. Why? As soon as one of your contacts registered in a Workflow performs the expected action, he is automatically unsubscribed. Defining a precise objective also allows you to properly measure the performance of your workflow. The objective of your Workflow can be, for example, downloading content or making an appointment. Want to Get the Most Out of Your Marketing Automation Software? Download our Free Guide.

For example, several weeks or even months may pass between these appointments. In this case, a powerful website then allows your salespeople to share content with their prospects. One or more articles on your website must be able to correspond to each step of the customer purchasing journey. For example, if one of our prospects is wondering about the advantages of Marketing Automation, we send him this link: Marketing automation, benefits for the whole company. The first advantage of this practice is that you help your prospect move forward in their purchasing process by providing them with added value. The second advantage is that during your next meeting, you will not have to explain what are the advantages of marketing automation.

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