In addition to being dedicated to your customers, you need to ensure that your business portfolio continues to grow. Your Kazakhstan Phone Number List tomorrow. However, it is not always easy to continue prospecting when customers are already there. You must therefore prospect quickly… well!

This is a mistake all businesses make. When customers are there, you no longer bother to prospect. Unfortunately, in off-peak times you find yourself in an emergency situation.

To avoid finding yourself naked in a few months, you must maintain your prospecting actions. You do not have the time ? After reading this article, you will have no excuse not to prospect.

Marketing Automation or the art of automating your commercial prospecting
Concretely, the implementation of a Marketing Automation strategy will allow you to continue producing for your customers and ensure their satisfaction while remaining in permanent, relevant and value-added communication with your prospects.

It’s magic you will tell me. Yes, in a few ways, but above all, it requires that you define a few rules well upstream. Here are 3 tips to apply to prospect quickly and well with Marketing Automation.

To go further: What is Marketing Automation? Edit the rules to follow for your marketing automation strategy. Although e-mail is the most direct and easiest way to reach your contacts, in case of too frequent reminders and with little interest for the recipient, you risk ending up in spam emails.

Making the phone call at the wrong time for the other person will undoubtedly also have a negative effect on your relationship in the short term and possibly in the long term.

As you can see, traditional cold prospecting methods are no longer popular. So how can you automate your reminders?

Your Website Is Not Mobile-friendly

You should start subtly by segmenting your contacts as much as possible using specific characteristics. This involves, for example, classifying your prospects according to their areas of interest, their problems or their progress in the purchasing process. This will allow you to communicate the right message at the right time.

For example, when your prospect has been identified as moderately hot (with an intention to buy between 6 and 12 months for example) there is no point in soliciting him in the days to come. With Marketing Automation, you can either set a reminder in a few months to contact him or even schedule the sending of personalized communications in 6 or 12 months.

The rules you edit must be followed to the letter in order to feed your prospect with the right messages. We’re talking about Lead Nurturing. For an effective Lead Nurturing, you must therefore understand the context of your contact:


Identify which stage of the buying process he is in.
What are their areas of interest in relation to your brand?
When is the best time to send them your emails?
What are your content that will bring him the most value in his thinking?
Prospecting well means understanding your client’s context and giving yourself every opportunity to send the right message, at the right time, on the right channel.

Precisely segment your database and setting up your Marketing Automation rules requires a real investment in terms of time. Once in place, it will allow you to generate value for your contacts with just a few clicks. Create an extraordinary email for successful Marketing Automation. When you click on the “send” button, you will quickly know if your email falls under the category of extraordinary email.

It’s Easy To Prioritize How Amazing Your Email Is

Conversely, the worst-case scenario is to see your e-mail end up in the spam emails of your contact, that the sending servers consider you an unreliable sender or that your e-mails are received but instantly deleted.

How to create an extraordinary email for top marketing automation?
If you have followed the previous tip, your recovery rules are ready, your segmentation too. To prospect properly, you must now send your contacts the most relevant information according to their needs.

Remember that these mailings primarily target contacts who are not yet warm enough to become a customer. The point of this email is to help him continue to have you in mind on topics that are of real interest to him. To prospect well, you need to choose the right topic and the value-added information it contains. Your email won’t have twice the chance to make a good impression.

A good prospecting email has a subject line that prompts you to open it. There is nothing worse than receiving an e-mail with something that smacks of how to say.

Instead, choose a short subject, because 1 in 5 emails are opened from a cell phone. The subject of your prospecting e-mail must directly evoke the benefit that the recipient will have by opening it. A good prospecting email results in a response. Do not prospect your contacts from a “[email protected]” address. If you do this, a contact who wants to answer you will have to go to your website. After 4 seconds of loading a site, 25% of Internet users leave the page … and when we talk about the number of clicks to perform for an action on the web, this number must imperatively be closer to 1.

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