Marketing and sales are the two services with which the digitalization of a company begins. The buyer imposes it on you. But beware, it is Turks and Caicos Islands Email List and to equip yourself with new tools to succeed in your digitalization. You have to manage people and everything goes through effective management. The modern buyer requires you to modernize your marketing and sales strategy. They are more connected and more autonomous in their purchasing thinking. He conducts it mainly on the Internet. The modern shopper prefers to talk to Google rather than a salesperson. To seduce him, you must therefore digitize your approach. You have to seduce the buyer on the Internet, entice them to visit your website, and then convert them into leads.

You must nurture the buying thinking of your leads and then pass them on, once they have reached maturity, to salespeople. This is the marketing and commercial digitalization of your company. And this is a major issue! But now, either the digitalization of your business scares you too much to initiate it, or you gave it a go but it didn’t work. These 2 cases represent 90% of the companies that I meet in the field. But why is the digitalization of a company so often a failure? Or why is it taking longer than initially expected? Companies hide an essential dimension to the success of their digitalization: support for change. The 3 pillars of marketing and sales digitalization. The 3 pillars of digitalization: (Strategy + Tools) x Human = Success!

The reason is simple

Digitizing your business requires a new strategy. On that, we certainly agree. The digitization of your business will not happen in improvisation. To succeed in your digitalization, you absolutely have to work on a strategy. Here, a marketing and sales strategy is adapted to the behaviors and expectations of the modern buyer. Your digitalization strategy must include objectives, performance indicators to follow, and a dated action plan. To get to your destination, you need to know where you want to go and why you want to go. That’s what strategy is for. However, it is not enough to work on a strategy to succeed in your digitalization. You have to convince your employees to participate.


The digitization of your business requires new tools. There too, it is obvious. Who says digitization says innovations and new technologies. To succeed in your marketing and sales digitalization, it is essential to implement new tools such as Marketing Automation, chatbots, online sales appointments, and, for the latest, a CRM tool. Identifying and implementing the right tools is essential for your digitalization to succeed. But again, this is not enough. Implementing the right tools is good. But if your employees do not use them, your digitization will be a failure. You must have had a bad experience here, right? How many companies have implemented a CRM that no salesperson uses?

The digitization of your business involves people

Since 2013, I have been supporting companies in their marketing and sales digitalization. At the start, I was content to work on a strategy, implement it and implement new tools. I was quickly confronted with a recurring problem. After a few months of collaboration, the enthusiasm of my clients gave way to frustration. I then asked myself the question: why? And then I understood. I understood that my new strategy and my new tools had turned their daily lives upside down. I dug, They spoke with other more experienced digitalization experts and he understood that my clients needed support. She was already giving them strategic and technological support. Support for change, I had concealed it. And I remedied it.

Because that is the whole point: digitization is revolutionizing the daily life of your employees. And naturally, their morale and commitment are put to the test. As in any change, your employees – as part of the digitalization of your company – must overcome a mourning curve. The 4 stages of the digitalization mourning curve. Here are the 4 steps you will take to succeed in your digitalization. Understand the mourning curve to succeed in your marketing and sales digitalization. The mourning curve is a 4-step curve through which all employees, including management, go in the event of digitalization. The 4 stages of the mourning curve are Denial, Questioning, Remobilization, The commitment.

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