Thinking of starting the digital transformation of your business? The most obvious thing to do is start with the marketing and sales part. However, the Benin Email List project. So you hesitate. But now, in fact, you have no choice. Here’s why. Reason 1: Meet the Expectations of the Modern Shopper. He is ultra-connected and independent in his purchasing thinking. The buyer prefers to interact with Google rather than with one of your sales representatives. It’s hard. I know. But don’t see it as a threat, it’s a real development opportunity for your business. By initiating the marketing and commercial digitalization of your business, you give yourself the chance to meet the buyer’s expectations and issues.

At all times. And that’s what the buyer asks for. The buyer no longer expects you to sell them your offers. The buyer demands that you exploit digital innovations – Internet, social networks, Emailing, or even Marketing Automation – to bring them value. You help him solve his problems and answer his questions. In return for that, he trusts you. Marketing and sales digitization of your business is no longer a luxury. It is a sine qua noncondition for developing your turnover. Reason Gain in Productivity and Performance. The digital transformation of your marketing and sales departments will be tough. Without a doubt. Change is always painful, but if you effectively support your employees in the digitalization of your business.

The digitalization of your business is mandatory

You will reap the rewards. Digitization is an excellent opportunity to generate more ROI with your marketing and sales actions. Digitization allows you to carry out personalized and contextualized actions. Marketing importance of content. You collect data, analyze online behavior, understand the behavior of your target. Digitization allows you to collect the information you need to personalize and contextualize each of your marketing and sales actions. This is essential to attract modern buyers. Digitization allows you to monitor the performance of your marketing and sales actions in real-time and to optimize them! Unlike a traditional marketing and sales strategy, digital marketing and digital prospecting allow you to monitor the performance of your actions in real-time.


The performance of your website. Performance of your communication actions on social networks. The performance of your Emails. You can analyze everything, absolutely everything. The digital marketing and sales transformation of your business is a great opportunity to identify what works and optimize or ban what does not. It is your wallet that will be happy! Reason 3: Make Daily Sales People Easier. It did not escape you. Prospecting is more and more complicated. The reason is simple, and we have seen it previously. The buyer prefers to talk to Google rather than one of your salespeople. Why do your marketing and sales digitalization – slowed. Clearly, the buyer wants to conduct his purchase reflection on his own.

The modern buyer imposes it on you

and only agrees to speak to a salesperson after having had a clear idea of ​​what he needs. In this context, you must begin your marketing and commercial digitalization to save the Commercial soldier. This digital transformation will allow you to generate qualified and mature leads through your website. On parle inbound Marketing. It will also allow you to score these leads, to feed their purchase thinking, and to contact them at the best time. We are talking about Marketing Automation. Your salespeople will save the time wasted in cold prospecting to allocate it to processing engaged prospects. They will love it! Reason Finally offer an Understood Role to Marketing.

Marketing makes drawings and spends its days on Facebook! Marketing, we know how much it costs but we never know how much it pays! Misconceptions about Marketing are tough. With Digitalization, you allow your Marketing to play a preponderant and understood role in the development of your turnover. Concretely, digitizing your Marketing comes down to exploiting digital innovations to attract more visitors to your website, convert them into qualified and mature leads to pass them on to salespeople. By using the right tools, you are therefore able to trace the path of a prospect and measure the results of your Digital Marketing. Marketing feels important and relieved that its role is understood by all.

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