Innovating to revolutionize is a great vocation and many of us dream of finding a new product. That the world will snatch upon. You have this Malawi Email List offer is enormous. But do your customers know it? No! Being innovative gives you a huge competitive advantage, but to fully exploit it. You must take up a crucial challenge: attract the attention of a buyer who by definition does not suspect the existence of your offer or. In the best case, does not fully understand its uses and added value. Why are you unable to promote your innovative product? Sometimes I come across innovative companies who blame the buyer, deeming them too incompetent to understand their offer.

Sometimes, I meet companies who ultimately think that innovating is too risky and prefer to return to their historical activity to ensure their daily life. More rarely – and that’s a shame – I meet companies that put themselves fully in the buyer’s shoes. And try to use the right levers to promote their innovative product. Is this your case? I am thinking here in particular of Inbound Marketing and Marketing Automation. But do not crumble the steps: first, try to understand why you can not reach the buyer. Promote an innovative product by prospecting the old-fashioned way? I can no longer get my hands on this study, but I recently saw that the buyer expected an innovative company to use new technologies to seduce him.

Emerges As An Essential Strategy

Regardless of the share of buyers concerned, if we think about it for a few seconds it’s quite obvious: how to justify an innovative positioning by using outdated prospecting and communication levers? One of our clients, who offers a mobile work service based on mobile devices, made this mistake: his sales representatives went door to door in the target companies with their flyers and paper catalogs under their arms for the sole support of commercial presentations. It is difficult to convince the buyer here to use his solution when the company itself does not use it to access digital commercial supports…! How do you promote an innovative product when you prospect the old-fashioned way?


Traditional prospecting and communication levers are no longer suitable. Phoning, door to door, mass e-mailing, trade shows… These traditional levers are no longer suited to the expectations of the modern buyer and will not allow you to promote your innovative product. These levers are intrusive and the buyer no longer wishes to be interrupted in his day by communications that he has not requested. The buyer prefers to carry out his buying thinking alone and find himself solutions to his problem. And this is where it gets difficult for you, an innovative company. By definition, the buyer will never directly seek your innovative product which he does not imagine the existence. To promote an innovative product, you have to convince!

Successfully Switch To Inbound Marketing

A buyer leads alone between 65 and 90% of his purchase thinking. Clearly, he does not agree to come into contact with a company until after he has had a precise idea of ​​the solution he needs. The buyer has a problem or a need. He identifies the solutions available to him and chooses the one that seems most relevant to him. He then contacts the company to confirm that he is making the right choice. To win over the buyer. You need to reassure them, bring them to maturity, and convince them that your new product will prove its worth. immature buyer – promoting an innovative company. Who says innovative product says, the immature buyer!

As an innovative company, you are faced with 2 challenges: Generating qualified leads and 2) converting leads into customers. Who says innovative product says immature market. The buyer is therefore not ready in the state to trust you. This is also why your sales cycle probably extends over several weeks or even months. The challenge here is to put in place a strategy that will allow you to position yourself in front of the problems. That the buyer encounters to attract his attention and, then. To answer all the questions he asks himself to bring him to maturity. Doing this using traditional prospecting and communication levers is impossible. You need time and information to personalize and contextualize your approach.

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