A year ago to the day, I published my first article on LudoSLN.net with the ambition of simply presenting the Nigeria WhatsApp Number List media communication. Looking back on my first year of blogging!

On November 3, 2013, I decided to take the plunge and launch my blog on web marketing and digital communication. My idea was clear: to present as simply as possible the various web marketing and digital communication levers to allow everyone to exploit their full potential. I was aware of existing blogs in the field. I didn’t pretend to do better or different. My desire was in particular to exchange with new people, to meet new people… On this point, I was really spoiled!

LudoSLN.net in figures. Number of items: 100 (difficult to rounder! The difficulties encountered and the good resolutions
This year of blogging has been very rewarding and in particular allowed me to meet a lot of people, each one more interesting than the last. However, keeping a blog is not always very easy!

Faithful readers know that my greatest difficulty is to maintain a certain regularity in my publications. The initial goal was to publish a minimum article per week, including one feature article every two weeks. Unfortunately, for example, I have hardly published anything for the month of November. Mission failed !

Thank you for your visits, sharing and exchanges during this first year. I hope this second year will be just as pleasant and that you will continue to pay me a little visit from time to time!

Launched in March 2014, the Ello social network is now experiencing astonishing success. Indeed, no less than 31,000 people join Ello every week.

Average Number Of Unique Monthly Visitors

For this second year of blogging, I’m going to lower the bar a little by setting myself the goal of publishing 3 articles per month. Shall we take the bets? Honestly, I won’t bet on me…!

The top 5 articles:
5 th with 1236 visits: How to Lose a Guy by his followers in 10 Days
4 th with 1460 visits: How to design an effective social media strategy
3 rd with 1554 visits: Google AdWords for Dummies
2 nd with 2133 visits: How to promote a product launch on social networks
1 st with 4180 visits: The Periodic Table of Content Marketing
In conclusion,


Founder of the SLN Web agency, I help you generate leads and convert them into clients. I created my 1st blog in 2000 with a Dreamcast and a Wanadoo 56K modem. Since then, I have given you all my tips for communicating well on the Internet. Discover my first book ” La Route du Bonheur Semblant ” !

Many social networks have wanted to bury Facebook. The most famous of them? No doubt Google +! All these attempts have so far been unsuccessful. Today, it’s Ello who tries his luck and positions himself as the ad-free social network that will finish Facebook.

Some land on the social network out of simple curiosity. Others – most! – disagree with the advertising policy carried out by Facebook and let themselves be seduced by the promise made by Ello: “Adopt a social network without advertising”! Ello, what is the concept? The promise is beautiful and a bit seductive: “Simple, Beautiful, Without Advertising”!

Average Number Of Monthly Sessions

Ello is thus positioning itself as an alternative to all these social networks, Facebook and Twitter in the lead, which only think of monetizing their audience to sustain their business and develop their turnover.

At the time of registration, Ello shows the color by denouncing the practices of its competitors where the data is no longer the property of users but of advertisers:

Ello.Co registration, new social network
Concretely, Ello is an independent social network launched in March 2014 but still in beta test. Today, registration to the social network is by invitation only.

On Ello, like everywhere else, the user can create a complete profile with its description, a profile photo and a cover photo. Once his profile is created, the user can publish statuses.

Ello works on the same subscription / subscriber principle as Twitter, with the only difference that it is possible to classify your subscriptions in the “Friends” or “Noise” list. Friends for his friends or interesting members, Noise for everyone else…Ello.co, first post – how it works

Ultra-minimalist design
Minimalism is sometimes good. However, taken to the extreme, it can sometimes be put off. It’s a bit like me with Ello.

The only colors you’ll find on Ello will come from member profile photos or shared visuals. Ello’s graphic charter is simple: black and white!

To assume its Anti-Facebook positioning to the end, the creators of Ello wanted to simplify uses as much as possible. To be honest, I felt like I was going back to the late 1990s when I was logging into Lycos or Caramail…

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