Doing everything to improve your ranking in search engines and attract more visitors to your website is a good Tonga Email List to convert. The form is then a central element of your lead generation strategy. Does nobody fulfill yours? Here are 4 probable reasons. To put it simply, generating leads on your website is a 4-step process: The visitor arrives on your website. He clicks a call-to-action button to get a reward. It arrives on a Landing Page. He fills out a lead generation form. And there, bingo, you have converted your visitor into a Lead. On the other hand, if you make one of the following 4 errors. The visitor will never complete your form and will leave as he arrived.

Your Lead Generation Forms Are Too Long. Have you ever experienced filling out a marathon form? 15, 20, or 25 fields to fill in to be able to then validate. Good luck! Leave contact details on a site for downloading a white paper or requesting information to be quick and efficient. At the very least, the length of your lead generation form should be proportional to the quality of the offer you are making. I recommend that you only ask for 5 to 6 essential pieces of information to measure the qualification and maturity of your Leads. No superfluous fields. Lead generation conversion rate to B2B. We see every day that the B2B conversion rate, on average between 2.8 and 6% depending on the market.

The Generation of Leads

Drops very quickly depending on the number of fields requested in your lead generation forms. So be selective and limit yourself to crucial information. Your Lead Generation Forms Are Not Visible. Another problem that we often encounter: your website does not offer a button encouraging the visitor to go to the pages where your Lead generation forms are located. Very often, we visit B2B websites whose only link to a form is the famous “Contact us” in the menu or even in the footer. This is clearly not enough! If you want your lead generation forms to be completed, they must already be seen by your visitors. You Don’t Want To Fill Out Your Forms.


Why did I land on this contact form? Why do I have to fill in all of these things? And yes, in life and on the Internet, you sometimes have to do several things at the same time and be pressed for time. It’s the same for the visitor to your website who must quickly understand what he has to gain by filling out your Lead generation form. To encourage the visitor to complete your Lead generation form, your page must clearly present the added value of the consideration: Convert your visitors into leads with a landing page. Your lead generation form is not suited to your content. To the phrase “the more you know about a prospect, the better.

The 4-step tour

I will respond with a response from Norman: Yes and no! It all depends on the visitor’s position in the shopping journey. Buyer journey: the length of the sales cycle – Inbound Marketing. When your visitor fills out a form in order to access a so-called Awareness content offer, they are barely starting their purchasing journey. He is not very involved. If you ask him for too much information and/or sensitive information, at this stage he will not complete your form. Your lead generation forms must be in line with the type of content offered to your visitors. Concretely, the closer your Lead gets to the Decision phase, the more information you can ask them in your form.

Finally, all social networks can allow you to generate leads and win B2B customers. You just have to use them wisely. Thus, YouTube can be a relevant social network in B2B if you want to communicate by video. Snapchat and Instagram will be essential if your marketing persona is young. Test, experiment, analyze and optimize: this is the key to success! Integrate social networks into an overall marketing strategy. I want to warn you on one point. We are regularly contacted by B2B companies who only want to communicate on social networks. To communicate well on social networks in B2B, it is essential to integrate them into a global marketing strategy. Without it, you will not be able to generate any return on your investment.

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