The generation of Leads is a major issue for B2B companies. Generating Leads is good, but converting them is better. For this, your USA Email List buying decision. Are your Leads? Are they ready to buy? 73% of the Leads you Generate in B2B are not Ready to Buy. This statistic answers your question. The Leads you generate are not mature enough to buy. Is it serious? It depends! Aligning marketing and sales: a crucial issue The buyer does not agree to speak to a sales representative until he has a more or less precise idea of ​​the solution he needs. This is a very common mistake in B2B Lead Generation.

If you want to optimize the ROI of your lead generation strategy, you should only pass on to sales reps those Leads that are qualified and mature. Otherwise, you send them to the pipe breaker. Stat leads are not mature in B2B. So there you may be asking yourself one of the following two questions: How do I work on my Lead generation strategy to attract only mature prospects? How do I bring the Leads I generate to maturity? For the first question, the answer is simple: it is impossible and not consistent. In B2B, especially if you are an innovative or technological company, the majority of the market is not mature. Its needs and questions evolve accordingly.

How to Generate Qualified and Mature Leads?

Your Lead generation strategy can therefore allow you to generate qualified Leads but not only mature Leads. Buyer journey: the length of the sales cycle – Inbound Marketing. The majority of the Leads you generate are in the Awareness and Consideration phase of the above buying journey. Now it’s up to you to move them forward to the Decision phase. In order not to ruin all the efforts that you invest in the generation of Leads, it is imperative that you carry out a Lead Nurturing strategy. Lead Nurturing consists of fueling the thinking of your Leads by sending them content with high added value. The goal of Lead Nurturing is to encourage the reflection of your Leads. To help them progress in the purchasing journey seen previously.


Let’s be frank: if your investors support you, it is first of all because they are convinced to recover more than their stake. Now that you have raised funds, you will have to quickly reassure them and prove to them that they were not wrong to trust you. This inevitably requires the implementation of Quick-Wins, rapid improvements that generate immediate results. Then, it is essential that you regularly give them complete reports demonstrating the ROI of each of your marketing and sales actions. This is where it can get in the way of your business: you use so many different tools to manage your website, your social networks, your Emailings and generate leads that creating a report can quickly become mission impossible.

How to Bring Your Leads to Maturity?

Do you want to generate more ROI and easily demonstrate it to your investors? Find Out How Marketing Automation Can Help! Industrialize your customer acquisition process. If you have succeeded in raising funds, it is because your offer is full of potential and that you have undoubtedly been able to convince a minimum pool of customers. Now, to convince investors, you have undoubtedly committed to a costed business development plan. It’s time to deliver on your commitments and take them to the next level. Now you need to think about all the strategies you can use to generate leads on a large scale and convert them faster and more often into customers. To do this, you must send your Leads personalized.

Who says mass customer acquisition says the Internet. Who says Internet says Inbound Marketing strategy. Gain notoriety. As an innovative or technological company, you have to deal with a dragging sales cycle. Gaining new customers will not happen in a few weeks. So, to reassure your investors and keep their confidence, you will have to work on your notoriety at the same time. A good part of the clients we support are platforms that must gain as many users as possible to convince their clients. Gaining notoriety directly participates in the acquisition of new users and thus promotes your negotiations with your prospects. Recruit (and retain!) The best employees. Quite often, a company raises funds to recruit.

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