These are leads who do not correspond to your ideal prospect profile but who have expressed an interest in your products or services. To successfully Japan Phone Number List if there is a business opportunity to explore or if they can become active influencers. As for the previous leads, this work is to be carried out by the Marketing department thanks to Lead Nurturing. Low qualification level, low interest. These leads are far from satisfying you and do not have much interest in your offers. Do not waste your time with these leads, they are not prescribers and will never become your customers. Often by means of a non-professional email address.

These leads consume your content for monitoring (competition) or for their research work (students, doctoral students). The Lead Management Matrix is ​​an excellent tool for defining how a lead should be treated and whether or not it should be passed on to sales. This matrix also saves you time by quickly eliminating poor-quality leads. This process improves lead management by allowing a more unified marketing and sales approach to be developed. The sales department is excited to receive highly qualified. You will naturally understand that a person who visits the rates page of your website will be closer to an act of purchase than a person who reads an article on your blog.

The Client: That’s All We Want You To Do

The idea here is to determine a threshold for which you consider that a Lead is mature. Ready to be transmitted to a sales representative so that your Marketing. The automation tool automatically transmits to him via an alert as soon as this Lead reaches the threshold in question. The Lead Nurturing. In B2B, nurturing the buyer’s thinking has a double advantage. Reducing the length of the sales cycle and showing him that you are the best solution to solve his problem and achieve his goals. As a B2B company, it is essential to nourish the buyer’s reflection. To convince him that your new solution perfectly meets his needs. For this, you must offer high added value content adapted to the 3 phases of the purchasing process.

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Awareness: convince your prospect that their problem must be resolved. Consideration: Encourage your prospect to see your solution as relevant. Decision: Lead Nurturing is a feature of Marketing Automation that allows you to automate the sending of message sequences offering your prospect quality content to make them move forward in their buying process. The idea is to bring it closer to the Decision phase to then pass it on to salespeople. Lead Nurturing, via Workflows, is a very powerful feature since it allows you to automatically send personalized messages . Antinomic is not it? Not really in fact! Workflows Basically, a workflow is a sequence of automated actions configured according to the behavior of your prospects.

Example Of A 3-step Workflow

The idea of ​​workflow is to send the right message to the right person at the right time. Concretely, thanks to the workflow, you automatically send a quality message to your prospect according to his profile and his behaviors. For example, you can configure a workflow that sends an email containing a sales presentation to all prospects who have visited your Pricing page. That’s for the simple version, but Marketing Automation allows you to go much further. The best practice is to configure a Workflow that covers the entire purchase reflection in order to automatically feed the purchase reflection. To help you understand the value of Workflows, here are the different Lead profiles that you will find in a Marketing Automation tool.

The Lead: it is a prospect who has downloaded a premium content offer on your website. The MQL (Marketing Qualified Lead): it is a lead that has reached maturity, close to the act of purchasing. SQL (Sales Qualified Lead): it is an MQL that has been worked on and deemed relevant by the sales department. The Opportunity: it is an SQL for which an offer is in progress. Now imagine that a prospect downloads your last white paper. He’s a Lead. The goal of your Workflow will be to switch it to MQL so that it is then automatically transmitted to a sales representative. Thanks to Lead Scoring, you have the possibility to define a rule according to which a Lead.

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