WishList member For the time being, it is not possible to transfer your e-learning into an app. It is officially not an LMS that keeps track of how far a participant is in the course. This is something that you may also see as an advantage. With this system you do not only have to focus on online courses, you can also offer other content. Also, extensions to a community (outside of a forum function) are not possible. Price should not be leading There is a different price tag to all the different learning systems.

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Maybe you want to go for monthly costs and have the convenience that you can do most of it yourself? Or perhaps you prefer to make a large investment once and choose to Jordan Phone Number it built. If you make a choice, the price should not be leading. Suppose you create a learning environment in a Huddle system, then you are faced with annual costs of about 840 euros, compared to having your own learning environment built, which may entail 1500 euros one-off costs. If you have your learning environment online for 2 years, you will end up with approximately the same costs.

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However, there are many factors that can weigh more heavily in making your decision. Below is a summary of some advantages and disadvantages of the different systems. Also read: How to create an online course [handy guide] Marketing Requirements Of course, the content of your online training is extremely important. But there is no point in having a wonderful course if no one is going to do it or know about it.

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