Normal human language creates empathy. While corporate language instantly drives away. Producing a higher bounce rate. Possibly lowering page ranking. Provide relevant details about the job . Mention major responsibilities. Required skills. And personal traits. The more detailed and accurate the job New Zealand Phone Number List description. The more likely people are to stay longer reading it (lower bounce rate) and interact with it more (more user actions. Like clicking the “Apply” button). »). Includes salary details . People stop reading job postings too much when they don’t see anything about the salary range. According to an Indeed survey. 25% of job seekers say salary and benefits are the most important part of the job

Opening. In addition. They take into account unemployment benefits during the pandemic that people now value more than a regular salary. Therefore. Higher salary rates in the job description will provide more opportunities to find a candidate. Avoid large columns of text that instantly make it too boring to read.  New Zealand Phone Number List Keep it under 700 words and bullet points for the most important sections. Such as required skills. As Google ranks better for well-structured content. Use the keywords you have chosen throughout the text . But do not overdo it. The average keyword density is around 2% . Let people know who you are

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And why it might be tempting to work for your company. 72% of job seekers pay attention to company culture when reading about a job opening. In addition. It considers the financial and health risks that people took on during the pandemic and were less likely to change jobs. Therefore. Relevant and New Zealand phone number useful work information will get more clicks on the app compared to others. Employment culture Don’t neglect local search Aside from the pandemic-induced shift to remote work. Many people who provide services in person (store clerks. Drivers. Nurses) are still looking for open job opportunities in a specific city or

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Region. By adding location information to your job. You narrow down your search and get applications from candidates who are directly interested in working for you. Here are some tips on how to use local search features in your job postings: Add the city or region to the job title; In the job description. List the regions where you have offices; Use keywords such as “sales representative in Madrid” in the vacancy text. That is.  New Zealand Phone Number List With a precise geographical reference; When creating a company profile on a job search website. Indicate the cities in which you have offices. Organic searches Look in the right places Google continues to roll out its feature called Google for Jobs all over the world which makes more HR

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Specialists concerned with SEO techniques. The service pulls in all job postings relevant to a search and displays them on the search results page. It is a boon for any HR specialist as higher ranked job postings will attract more views and clicks from candidates. Search vacancy options The problem is that  New Zealand Phone Number List you can’t publish it directly. This will automatically search for job postings that use the specific jobposting schema to mark up data on the page. To add jobposting schema markup to your business website. You’ll need the help of SEO specialists. As for the bigger job platforms where you normally post your vacancies

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