This is not just existence. It is where you fly. Done with persistence and passion the result is magical manifestation. The world shows up at your from door.  People are attracted to visible vulnerability and insights that reveal your unfolding story. How do I know? When my passion project started and it was shared the v opportunities started to show up in my inbox and on facebook and twitter. Invitations to speak. Consult and collaborate. But this was not an overnight success. It was a marathon. Once is never enough creating and publishing once is never enough if you really want to grow. 

The growth loop starts with a habit of persistent personal creation and ends in validation. That validation and feedback includes social proof such as online comments. Sharing Hungary Phone Number and traffic to your content and creations. This creation feedback loop can be addictive. Attention is a drug and it’s a trigger and provocateur for production. The social web has revealed how that works. The essential habit the creative addiction loop is where you publish and are validated in real time.  It is the circle of awesomeness that will transform your life from invisible to global influence and success. But it requires habitual creation. This is “deep work”. Work that makes a difference and is life legacy building. 

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Busy-ness or shallow work is often just a distraction to the real game of life. Don’t let the trivial stop the significant. But you need to do the work. Strap yourself in and nourish a habit of creative production. The creation cycle the last piece of the transformative art of creating and publishing on this Hungary phone number social web is often not expected or explained.  Many teachers never revealed this wisdom. This happens in a cycle of constant creation and publishing. This rhythm is where we all grow. Personal growth sneaks up on you. The constant creation and feedback loop is a virtuous learning cycle. As you distill your thoughts and articulate your ideas they take structured form.

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So how do you get better at the things you create and care about? How do you take your passionate purpose and become the guru. The star or maybe even an influencer? How does Hungary Phone Number optimal growth occur? Eduardo brice in his ted talk talks about two key component zones for optimal growth. Performance zone learning zone what is the performance zone? We perform at work….In public. Doctors diagnose and teachers teach. But performance is not enough. But the practice of performing can be the revelation of mastery. 

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Monastic learning away from the public performance is where the real optimal growth occurs and true mastery happens. The saw needs to be sharpened. Quiet persistent education. The learning zone is where your read. Research and test in private. It is where you expand and discover new ways and creative Hungary Phone Number techniques. This then feeds back into the performance. Eduardo’s advice is something that I can verify. Do both for optimal performance then perform. Reflect and then adjust. Success and personal growth requires a lifetime of continuous learning that is how transformation happens. Over to you the social web has transformed my life.

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