What lifehacks, online tools and apps have we discovered in the past year? I asked our authors, colleagues and the community. This has resulted in a nice list of 12 tips. Pick out the tips that are useful to you. Let’s make 2022 a great year! 1. Krisp , for clearly understandable online meetings Working from home in a house with several people, children or animals can be tough. And a video call in the same circumstances is quite a challenge! Try to silence everything and everyone around you the moment your meeting starts… Nieuw op Frankwatching IKEA-inhakers & 5 andere voorbeelden van buitengewone contentmarketing 08:00 Zo gebruik je klantdata als onderdeel van een first-party datastrategie ma

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Meten  weten: zo maak je je merk top of mind ma 15 extreem goede contactpagina’s die je op je eigen website zou willen hebben ma Hoe frustratie ons tot in de ruimte bracht zo I prefer a quiet workplace at home. My friend is quiet when I ask, but my 2 cats seem to love switching to sports mode when I Poland Phone Number an online meeting. Then they rage all over the house. At that moment, a tool like Krisp offers the solution: noise canceling for your video call. If you install Krisp, not only the background noise from your own workplace is filtered out, but also the background noise from the person you are talking to. Krisp is free for 4 hours a week. Not a fan of Krisp? There are countless other tools that do the same thing.

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Here you will find a list of 8 other good options like Nvidia RTX Voice, SoliCall and NoiseGator. GIF by Direct Energie – Find & Share on GIPHY 2. Versionista , for tracking changes on websites If you enter a website in this tool, you will receive an email if there is a change on this page. In your mail you will see the old version and the new version side by side. This is useful, for example, if you are a journalist. This creates situations like this: The EPA removes climate change references from its website, a report says https://t.co/0EH3VPABLS pic.twitter.com/shdZL2kVj0 — CNN Politics (@CNNPolitics) December 8, 2017 But it is also a handy tool if, for example, you want to receive a notification when new years are due for the booster shot. Simply fill in this link and you will receive an email when a change is made. And there are probably even more useful applications! 3. Adjusting Recommendations and ‘

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