Additionally. If you happen to sell something online. Potential buyers will turn away in droves if your website is slow. Speed up your site for improve your conversion rate image source a Indonesia phone number fast website is the key to keeping visitors around to guide them down the conversion funnel. Get this: speed up your site for improve your conversion rate image source there are many factors that contribute to slow loading times. If you’ve tried all the small adjustments such as compressing code and images. Shortening forms. Or getting rid of unnecessary plugins. Chances are. Your web host is the problem. 

When a user interacts with your website. There is a request to connect to the server in which the platform is hosted. The truth of the matter is that not all hosting services are created equal. If your site is slow due to your host. More than likely. All the other aspects of that platform such as storage and tech Indonesia phone number support are subpar as well. If this is your situation. Don’t waste time on fighting your provider – there are innumerable alternative options. Just be sure that you use a compatible hosting provider based on your cms or scripting framework. For instance. If you used wordpress to build your website. Start by looking into the fastest wordpress hosting services. 

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A good user experience (ux) is the foundation of any online ecommerce store. Media publication. Or forum. A fast website leads to good ux. And a good ux leads to more and quicker conversions. Indonesia phone number Unsure about what hosting provider to go with? Check out our guide to setting up a wordpress blog in  minutes. . Make your cta buttons work harder whether you’re an online retailer. Saas tool vendor or individual professional service provider. Your call to action is the most important element of your landing page. 

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Regardless of where the user is coming from and what information they are presented with. In the end. Their focus needs to be on the cta button. It should be so obviously placed that the user can identify it with a single glance. Believe it or not. There a lot of psychological factors that go into a cta button. In fact. Indonesia phone number Cta buttons are the most split-tested aspect of an ecommerce website. They make up around % of all tests. Color is perhaps one of the most important factors that results in clicks. While there is no set-in-stone rule to coloring your cta buttons. It should stick out prominently in contrast to the background layout. 

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Preferably. It is a color that is not used anywhere on the rest of the page. In this experiment conducted by dmix. Red and green cta buttons were tested. The results saw that the red button Indonesia phone number received an increased conversion rate of %. In contrast to popular perception that “green” equates to “go.” make your cta buttons work harder for improve your conversion rate the text on a cta also has a big impact on garnering conversions. Most importantly. The text needs to answer the key question of “why should the user click this?” 

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