In other words, One of the new advances that Google presented at the Google Marketing Livestream event in May 2021. Were the Performance Max campaigns. Launched to obtain better results with this new type of campaign. Designed to make use of artificial intelligence. Performance Max is intuitive Japan Phone Number List and learns automatically. In this way. It improves advertising strategies and gives an approach that does not allow intervention with PPC (Pay Per Click) campaigns. Google designed a solution for generating leads by implementing new features that allow you to create digital assets that help improve the effectiveness of Performance Max campaigns. Pmax works on the basis of defining objectives such as online sales. Lead

Therefore, Generation or offline sales. What are Performance Max Campaigns? They are the new type of campaign that bases its success. Having clear objectives and allowing advertisers to access the entire palette of tools that Google Ads has from just one campaign. Performance Max makes use of the google Japan Phone Number List network. Google search engines from the search engine. Through maps and shopping. All of these are feasible to be us by smart campaigns since ads can be display in all of them. It is also designed to make use of the display network and in this way the search campaigns carried out by keywords are complement

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And in this way find more customers through the channels of Google. Youtube. Display. Search. Gmail and Maps. What differentiates Performance Max from common Google campaigns? That are programmed by artificial intelligence according to the information provided. All advertisers need to do is Japan phone number provide features that focus on the audience they want to reach. It can be a call to action. Text that provides additional information. Or it can also be images or videos. Google with its intuition capabilities takes care of the rest. Because in this way it boosts the conversion of potential customers with the

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However, Correct data. Performance and function of Performance Max campaigns and optimizes performance in real time. In all Smart Bidding channels. . Performance Max can combine all of Google’s automation technologies across budgets. Budget optimization. Audiences. Creatives. Attribution. And more; With all this. The advertising objective is specifically enhanced. Performance Max will be displayed as a campaign type Japan Phone Number List selection and will be viewable depending on whether the advertising objective is “Sales”. “Leads” or “Local store visits and promotions”. Performance Max suggests the creation of specific formats for campaigns. Add tools such as forms to acquire potential customers. Characteristics of this type of

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Campaign The main feature of Performance Max is the use of machine learning models that optimize offers and placements in order to generate customer conversions or add value to the information that is provided for conversions. If the right information is provided on what type of leads are most Japan Phone Number List valuable to companies. They can achieve value conversions . Which raise the profile of the brand and are better positioned in web search engines. Smart bidding. Working together with attribution technology. Helps determine the best option for campaign creation across the Google ecosystem to determine the best campaign auction bids that will achieve business goals over time. Real. Artificial intelligence the tool that campaigns bet on Advantages of Performance Max Campaigns?

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