Inbound Marketing is on the rise. Like you, many companies are wondering if Inbound Marketing is the Kuwait Email List customers. To help you answer this question, here are 6 criteria that show that Inbound Marketing is right for your business. If lead generation is one of your priority goals. And you want to make your website a real lead machine. Then Inbound Marketing is a good option. Inbound Marketing allows you to attract more visitors to your website and convert them into qualified and mature. Leads that you will pass on to your salespeople. For this, the idea is to create content adapted to the issues.

And questions that the buyer asks himself throughout his purchase reflection. Inbound Marketing, in a way, allows you to become the Wikipedia for your field of activity. New call-to-action. Your sales cycle is long and complexes The most complex or expensive products, services and solutions often go hand in hand with a long sales cycle. Your potential customers have a series of questions in mind that they must resolve before making a purchasing decision. Today, in 70% of B2B purchases, the customer obtained information beforehand through a search on Google. We also note that the B2B decision-maker performs an average of 12 searches on Google before coming into contact with a company.

You need to generate a lot of leads

Referencing your website well in B2B is essential Inbound Marketing, therefore, helps buyers solve their problems. By embarking on this path, you benefit from the new behaviors of buyers by providing them with vital information that feeds their buying thinking. When your ideal customer searches online for answers to their questions, your business needs to be there to answer them. If your product is purely transactional and the buying process is impulsive, Inbound Marketing is probably not right for you. Inbound Marketing requires involvement. The preparation work must be rigorous because you must understand very precisely who your target is, what their concerns are, how the purchasing process goes, etc.


In short, you need to bring together all the information that will allow you to send the right message to the right person, in the right place, and at the right time. The creation of an editorial line and its content must be done with the highest possible quality. From experience, we can assure you that this is not an easy thing. If your marketing team is small (1 to 2 people), it is difficult to implement an inbound marketing strategy without enlisting outside help. It is a safe bet that an Inbound Marketing agency is necessary to help them define the strategy and execute all the actions related to an Inbound Marketing strategy.

You have the right skills internally

If the marketing team is of a larger size, it is possible to implement an Inbound Marketing strategy by sharing the efforts, but it is recommended to have the help of a team of experts who have worked on many projects related to the Inbound Marketing methodology. This will save you time and avoid common mistakes. The price of your products and the lifespan of your customers. Inbound Marketing works best with higher-priced products. It is also a good option for businesses that need to reduce the cost of acquiring new customers. The initial investment is often significant but Inbound Marketing allows you to generate a volume of leads incomparable with traditional marketing levers such as advertising or trade shows.

A lead generated with Inbound Marketing costs 61% less than a lead generated with traditional marketing. Inbound Marketing is also a winning strategy when the objective is to retain or increase the lifespan of a customer. SLN Web – Inbound marketing agency – our method in 4 steps. As you can see in the video above, the 4 stage of the Inbound Marketing strategy is to keep your customers doing their best ambassadors. With our customers, we notice that the customer lifespan increases on average by 30% with Inbound Marketing. Inbound marketing takes time to bring ROI, but in the medium term, the results are much better than those of Adwords or other paid online channels.

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