Above all, Start by adding your brand qr code to your packaging. On your weibo page (cross promotion) or simply on your official website (preferably in chinese. Hosted in china and referenced on baidu). Combining this with wall posts and active promotions will Jiangsu Phone Number prove to be an effective marketing strategy. You can draw attention from followers by using wechat’s api (download it here!). The wechat’s api allows you to integrate the services into mobile apps. Remember that followers should be given motivation to sign up. It would be wise to offer them prizes. Promotions and engaging content and entertainment services.

For instance, Wechat has other business related features with the opportunity to set up a mini website in the application to complete your brand experience. This mini website is divided into two-level menus and used for marketing purposes. These two-level interacting Jiangsu Phone Number menus are essential tools to better manage engagement with your fans. You can set this up on the wechat account panel or with the help of third-party services. Wechat enables you to geo-target your community and even create categories of fans according to their gender and location. Using wechat moments advertising  of active wechat users are also purchasing goods online. A powerful way to advertise your brand on wechat is to register and pay for wechat moments ads (which is now open to all brands).

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However, In china this is largely a more covert form of marketing where users paid to promote content. A scheme for advertising is created on personal Jiangsu phone number users wechat moments. The price for posting on individual’s moments range from  rmb ($. usd) to  rmb ($) per post. Advertising through this process is effective as chinese users particularly trust the views and opinions of other consumers on social networks. More so than in the west. Below is what wechat moments advertising looks like on a common smartphone. 

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In other words, Your brand name and the profile picturewe-chat-statistics-for-how-to-use-wechat ad description up to  characters link to a html webpage hosted on a tencent server up to  pictures (products. Logo. Ad…) wechat moments advertising has three city specific categories. The first one is beijing and shanghai. The second one is the  first tier . And tier  Jiangsu Phone Number cities (like provincial capitals). And non-specific cities. You can choose to advertise to  industries: education. Travel. Finance. Car. Real estate. Home products. Clothing. Food & beverages. Life-style services. Business. Service. Beauty products. Internetit. Sport. Medical and health. Pregnancy products and gaming. 

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Therefore, The cost depends on the location. Cpm (cost per . impressions) for non-specific location ads is rmb ($ usd) and cpm for users in beijing & shanghai is rmb ($). Whilst cpm for users in the  tier  and tier  cities is rmb ($.). Wrap wechat is a very user friendly Jiangsu Phone Number application with versions in both english and chinese. The most phenomenal thing about the app is that users use it for so many services and are thus constantly interacting with it. It has been designed to retain users and to provide a complete service so that the chinese do not need to leave wechat. This ease of use is the key to wechat’s success in china. 

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