20.000 is enough followers to make a brand see a lot of potential in your influence over your following. Kim kardashian most of us know kim kardashian; you may be wondering why in the world kim kardashian is in this article and what does she have to do with this; I get why you’re asking that! I get it because most of us know kim as someone who became famous through tv with her reality show keeping up with the kardashians. But even Thailand Phone Number List she says she attributes her career to social media. Once again. Through instagram. She was able to concentrate all of the audience into one place (her account). And have all eyes on her whenever she spoke. Companies are willing to go over their marketing budgets to get this type of exposure. 

How did I become an influencer? During my senior year of college as a marketing student. I couldn’t pass the numbers classes. Such as finance. Statistics. And accounting. This built up such Thailand Phone Number List frustration in me that with just one semester left. I decided to drop out of school after 5 years of hard work. I decided to go all-in on my dreams. One morning. When I was listening to john lee duma’s podcast eofire. He mentioned that when we. As humans. Have our backs against the wall. Our survival instincts kick in. That’s when I said. “that’s it! That’s all I needed to hear.” 

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After dropping out. I created a men’s swim shorts company as my first entrepreneurial project. An account that has now turned to . Focusing on menswear styling: I just keep this as a hobby. When starting my swim shorts company. I had $0 for marketing. I couldn’t spend money on traditional advertising. Such Thailand phone number as facebook ads. I was actually one of the first users on instagram when it first hit the app store. When I saw its potential back then. I was baffled! I knew it would be as big as it is now. This being said. I used all my instagram knowledge to create brand awareness. And it worked like a charm! In my first 2 months after creating an instagram account. I was able to amass an audience of 5.000 followers. And had about 100 early sign ups waiting for launch. 

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However. There was one big problem with this. I didn’t enjoy the robotic work it took to build the account. I would go on hashtagging #menswear. #fashion and so on. As well as liking pictures all day. I would have lunch while liking pictures and I would fall asleep liking pictures. This process was Thailand Phone Number List incredibly draining; it even made the task of looking at my phone nauseating. 6.000 followers in and I finally decided I had enough of this process.

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 I started looking for solutions to solve this problem. I was super close to hiring someone to do this for me. But this would have put me in debt because I didn’t have the money Thailand Phone Number List to do so. Then I found automation desperate for a solution. I kept researching until I found a service that could automate this. This was my life saver! Believe it or not. Another problem stemmed from this.

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