But the main thing is to pick one immediately and start working with it. You don’t have to wait until tomorrow before you start building your email list. Tomorrow might never come. So start now. I would love to hear your thoughts on this via the Find Your Phone Number comment section. And if you like this post. Please share it with your friends as they might also find it valuable. Guest author: theodore nwangene is a blogger and freelance writer. He’s currently on a journey to help bloggers and entrepreneurs write kick-ass contents. Build a better and profitable blog. Increase visibility and boost their online authority. 

He is currently writing a kindle book titled:  writing hacks: a cheat sheet for writing compelling articles that will open doors and land you clients. Join his waiting list here and get the book free once it’s readyhe social media platform wechat is the natural first step for brands expanding into the chinese market. I wrote this article for marketers interested in conducting Find Your Phone Number wechat campaigns. And starting their journey into this enormous market of potential customers. Social media guide free download the ultimate guide to social media marketing for business first name * email * download now what is wechat? The platform wechat (weixin 微信 in chinese) was released in january  by tech giants ”tencent” in china. 

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The application is a smartphone app as well as an online platform. It has several features including instant messaging. Voicevideo calls and audio messaging services. Wechat has evolved significantly from its humble origins as an instant messaging app. It is Find Your phone number now the number one social network in china. It provides a platform where users can share pictures. Videos (wechat sights) and updates named ”moments” (akin to a facebook status). The younger generation primarily communicate via wechat. The traditional text message from a mobile phone is essentially redundant. 

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The app also provides many location-based services such as food delivery. Online taxi ordering (like didiuber) and a location sharing mapping system. It also comes with wechat wallet which users can link with their chinese bank account. The wallet system Find Your Phone Number enables wechat users to pay in thousands of shops. Restaurants and for services all across china with their smartphone using either the qr code system. Or wechat pay as well as wechat red envelopes (hongbao). It is proving to be a truly revolutionary social network with growth now all across asia. 

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The most phenomenal aspect to consider is that the user rarely leaves this single application. You can also have your own website or app running inside the application. This opens the door for e-stores and interactive wechat pages. The chinese now prefer services offered directly through wechat so this can be utilized. Pages and stores can be quite easily customized. Curated Find Your Phone Number and continually updated. For professionals. Wechat offers a place to advertise products andor services using a follower based system. The official account system allows users to subscribe in order to promote content to fans and offer them a variety of services. Wechat is also considered as one of the major online advertising platforms in china alongside baidu and weibo (literal translation ‘micro-blog’).

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