We were rewarded with no less than 6 stars and became the number 1. This has never been seen before, and something we are of course very proud of. We owe this to our passionate trainers and satisfied participants, many thanks for this! Also something to celebrate: we obtained the quality mark of NRTO, the sector organization for private educational institutions, education and training agencies. Thank you Frankwatching top leader Fortunately, we were able to provide training on location again this year, also from our new Frankwatching headquarters in Utrecht. We also like the online training, and a number of participants like it.

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We will continue with both variants. New trainings & online courses We continue to expand our offer, so this year you could come to us for training USA Phone Number such as Gamification , Podcast creation , Instagram strategy , Personas creation and Data-driven marketing . And we 16 new online courses to refresh your knowledge of Neuromarketing , User testing , First-party data and Google Core Web Vitals . With our NIMA courses we achieved great success rates. Such as even 100% in the NIMA Digital Marketing B2 marketing plan exam. In two years we have become the fastest growing provider of NIMA courses in the online domain.

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Collaborations We would also like to explain our cooperation with the tax authorities. As a preferred supplier , we are the only provider to provide training. The employees of this organization within the social media and visual communication components . We have set up the Beverwijk Business Boost from the Beverwijk Recovery Fund (an initiative of the municipality of Beverwijk, among others). All 75 participating retailers have access. An online course package receive extra content from Frankwatching. A nice follow-up to an earlier, comparable collaboration with the Municipality of Rotterdam. Instagram Going Strong

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