Your website must be at the heart of your marketing and sales strategy. As an innovative company, however, you have to Mauritius Email Lists of the buyer. Wondering why no one is visiting your website? It’s all a question of adjustments. You didn’t think about your goals before creating your website I don’t blame you here, 95% of the companies I meet don’t think about or neglect the goals of their website before creating it. If nobody visits your website despite the investment it represents, it is most certainly because in your specifications, you have not precisely defined your objectives in terms of income generation, leads, and acquisition of visitors.

Very often, the innovative companies that I meet have internal developers. Or are at least very mature on the subject of the web. Suddenly, creating a website is according to them only a formality. This is the case of one of my clients who wrote his specifications in half a day. And had his website done in a few days by an agency in his network. According to him, everything was fixed: the design, the tree structure of the site, the major pages, and the functionalities necessary for his activity. The problem here is that he has completely omitted to define the objectives of his website, the KPIs that result from it and the actions/optimizations to be implemented to achieve them.

Competition Is Fierce

This is a major strategic error because for your website to be well referenced on search engines and therefore visible to your target, you must have a minimum of visitors. Now you need the search engines for that. It’s the snake that bites its tail: if you do not quickly activate, or even before launching your website, various levers to attract your first visitors, your website will remain deserted for many months! 2. The buyer is not looking for you! As an innovative company, you have to take up an important challenge: to attract the attention of a buyer who does not suspect the existence of a new offer like yours. In the best-case scenario.


The buyer has already heard of an offer like yours but he does not perceive all the uses and the added value. Clearly, the buyer does not position your offer at all as a relevant solution to his problem. In this situation, if your website only promotes your innovative offer, do not be surprised that it remains empty. The buyer is not looking for you: the buyer is looking for answers to the questions he asks himself throughout his purchasing journey and your site does not bring him anything. Would you like us to take stock of your Inbound Marketing strategy? Let’s schedule a 30-minute Audit! 3. Your content does not cover the entire purchasing journey Again, this is a fairly common mistake in innovative companies.

Convert Them Into Customers

Recently, I had an appointment with a company offering a point of sale digitalization solution. The CEO of the company was worried. Because he was not managing to generate enough leads to reach his turnover objective necessary for the good development of his activity. The CEO was particularly disappointed. By the fact that his website generated too few leads despite the efforts, he made to animate it. Indeed, he published several articles every week. Looking at his website. I quickly understood why no one was visiting him. The majority of his articles dealt with his innovative product, its advantages. And its customer cases. buyer journey: how to attract customers with Inbound Marketing.

The problem here is that these articles only cover the Decision part of the above buying journey. In other words, the content is addressed only to the part of its most mature target. However, as an innovative company, your target is by definition generally not mature. To go further here, I suggest you check out our 18 tips and tricks for writing content that attracts customers. 4. You are not feeding your website enough Gone are the days when it was enough to have a website with a few pages to attract visitors and generate leads. Now all innovative companies have a website and do everything they can to grab the attention of the buyer.

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