The following sequence of emails is the most common: Email 1 = sending a white paper presenting the Hungary Phone Number List problem, Email 2 = sending a second white paper which details the advantages of your solution and Email 3 = sending of a customer case justifying the relevance of your offer.

At the end of this sequence, either the prospect is ready and you can offer him an appointment, or he is still not and you can integrate it into your overall communication strategy while waiting for him to come back to you.

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Your website must be your best ally to prospect
With the Internet and social networks, your prospects have become accustomed to researching information on the Internet themselves to carry out their buying thinking on their own. They are no longer content to consult the information you impose on them in unwanted communications.

As an innovative company, you face a daunting challenge: attracting and convincing people who do not understand your products and who are often unaware that solutions like yours exist. How can you rise to the challenge and attract new customers to your website? Here’s the procedure to follow !
Since 2013, we have been supporting innovative and technological companies in generating prospects and converting them into customers. Our experience has enabled us to identify a major challenge: you offer technically complex products and are often ahead of your market. You must therefore be educative to attract the attention of your target and gain new customers.

How To Attract More Customers To Your Website?

To meet this challenge, your website must be your centerpiece. Unfortunately, we very often find that the websites of innovative companies boil down to a window in which we find classic information in sections such as “Who are we?” “,” Our Offers “and the famous” Contact Us “.

First, your website is not sufficiently provided to be well referenced on Google and search engines. Second, it is not customer centric.

To attract attention and convince new customers who are unfamiliar with your innovative products or services, you need to be strategic by addressing the issues they encounter first, rather than simply promoting your solutions. The reason is quite simple: to be visible to your target audience, you need to address the keywords they enter in search engines.


You have to think of your website in the form of a conversion funnel of this type: attract visitors, convert visitors into prospects, close and retain.

SLN Web – Inbound marketing agency – our method in 4 steps
Each part of this conversion funnel requires specific actions from you. In this article, we will tackle the first part of this conversion funnel and I will introduce you to the 4-step method that we apply to our customers to attract new customers to their website.

Step # 1 – Define precisely who your target is

Before rushing to your keyboard and messing up all the pages of your website, you must first think about your target: Who are your customers? What are the issues they encounter? How can your products and services help him solve them? How do they get information?

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We’re talking about Persona. This step is essential to understand what your customers’ expectations are and how you can act to attract their attention and convince them to visit your website.

To gather as much information as possible on your target, you can get closer to employees who know your customers and prospects as well as possible: your sales representatives of course, your after-sales service, your technical support or your marketing department.

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At this stage, collect as much information as possible and use concrete examples to build the typical profile of your ideal client. The most frequent mistake that we encounter is to define your Persona on intuitions and not on facts: the work is certainly faster but it has no interest.

Step # 2 – Create high added value content

Content is king. Without content, the Internet would be empty. As far as you are concerned, without content, your website has no chance of being well referenced on search engines and therefore of being seen by your target audience.

The key here is to create content that addresses the issues your Persona is facing, not content that promotes your product or service. Remember: your target audience doesn’t understand your technically complex offer and often isn’t even aware that it exists.

In this situation, there is no chance that your target will search your offer directly on Google. No, it will instead seek solutions to these issues. Concretely, your website must become a source of information for your customers and prospects.

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