And needs that your target meets in order to subtly position your innovative offer as a relevant solution. Send the Pakistan Phone Number List time. The buyer is over-requested. Did you know that in B2B we receive an average of twenty commercial emails every day? The buyer, therefore, performs a drastic sorting of the content that arrives to him. To attract him, as the marketing director of an innovative company, you must offer him content that is perfectly suited to his current needs and to his progress in the purchasing process. The 4Ps of content marketing – SLN Web. The buyer follows a 3-step purchasing process: In the Awareness phase, he realizes that he is encountering a problem to be solved.

In the Consideration phase, he identifies and evaluates the solutions available to him. In the Decision phase, he chooses the solution. He considers the best and seeks to validate that he is making the right choice. Do you think it’s relevant to send the same content to a prospect? Who is in the Awareness phase as it does to a prospect in the Consideration or Decision phase? Be on the first page on Google. In the field of digital marketing. It is often said that to hide a corpse, you just have to put it on the second page of Google results to be sure no one will find it. This image perfectly reflects the challenge you are facing.

Modernize Your Marketing Strategy

To attract the attention of the buyer, it is vital that your innovative company appears on first. Page of Google results on strategic keywords. In other words, the keywords used by the buyer in his purchasing process. To go further, download our guide to being more visible on the Internet in 7 steps. Demonstrate your ROI. Very often, I meet marketing directors who juggle between platforms and partners to communicate on the Internet. One solution for e-mailings, another for social networks, one for the website, the CRM and any other tool supposed to them. improve productivity and performance. In this situation, these marketing directors encounter two important problems: They spend hours to build more or less complete reporting.


They naturally fail to identify 100% of the prospects who come in contact with their business. It then becomes very difficult for you to precisely measure the return on investment of your actions or worse, to guarantee their profitability. Do more with less time. As we saw in the previous challenges, to generate qualified prospects on the internet, it is essential to send the right message to the right person at the right time. The key to success here is personalization. You must therefore offer content adapted to each of your Personas according to their progress in the purchase process. And this, on all the supports at your disposal: website, blog, e-mailings, social networks.

To Gain In Productivity And Efficiency

Add to that that as the marketing director of an innovative company, you have to catch the buyer’s attention in a subtle way since they don’t know your offer. In this process, you must equip yourself and organize yourself to communicate more (and better) without being able to act on the duration of your day … Cooperate with the sales department. I regularly meet innovative companies in which the relationship between marketing and sales is not in good shape . Salespeople question leads from marketing, and you in marketing suspect that salespeople are not sufficiently skilled or invested enough to convert leads into customers. Atmosphere… ! The problem here usually comes from the fact that you haven’t worked.

This practice is a barrier to easily and reliably calculating the ROI of your online actions . To avoid the fear of quarterly Digital Marketing reporting, do not hesitate to contact us! We will explain to you how we work to compile all the information coming from our site. In addition, the buyer no longer expects you to sell your solutions. The buyer expects you to show him that you are the best option to solve his problem and help him achieve his goals. To meet this buyer’s expectations and set you apart from the competition, a showcase site is no longer sufficient: you must offer high value-added content on your website that objectively addresses the needs and issues of your target audience.

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