And you will be frustrated – or it will answer it, but to the detriment of the time, it will spend on the Algeria Email List be disappointed. To successfully outsource in digital marketing, you must have a documented strategy. We ended our support long before it ended. Why? Because this client did not understand the recommendations that I was making to him, because our internal referent had not followed the training that we had done on-site and that overall, the client did not understand the value that they brought him. The performances were at the rendezvous: + 300% of its number of subscribers on social networks and explosion of visits from this channel to its website. Problem?

His website was not optimized for conversion and therefore visitors were leaving as quickly as they were arriving. We made various recommendations to resolve this, even though it was out of service. In the end, the client only paid attention to the low return on investment generated. For us, this is a biased opinion on the quality of our work. For the client, these are months wasted and months yet to be lost internally or with other partners. It is for this reason that we now systematically include on-site digital marketing training in our commissioning costs. Generally, you will only outsource part of your digital marketing actions. Often only one post.

Be aware that you have a role to play

However, if you do not activate the other levers, you will not generate a return on investment. If we take the case of our previous client. He asked us for the management of his social networks. We warned him when we launched our collaboration that he should regularly feed his website and integrate email marketing into his strategy if he wanted to achieve his goals. It hasn’t been done. A business that isn’t mature and sees digital marketing as a superficial expense doesn’t bother with a comprehensive strategy. So she finds herself in this situation and throws her money down the drain. In conclusion. There are digital marketing positions that you can outsource.


Website creation, SEO, advertising campaigns, marketing automation, and, subject to conditions, content creation. There are other positions that you absolutely should not outsource: your social networks. In any case, to outsource effectively and generate ROI with your digital marketing, you must be mature enough and have a precise documented strategy. Without it, don’t outsource and do your own experience internally first. It will take you 2-3 years. Otherwise, invest in strategic support. It will cost you but you will save those 2 or 3 years of experimentation. Are you hesitating? We can talk about it in person: You must define very precisely who your competitors are and identify their good and bad practices.

How to deal with a case with a client

You will thus adapt your marketing strategy to better meet the buyer’s behaviors and expectations. Winter is Coming, get ready! There are times when customers sign in with a shovel. There are others where they are rare. Even if all is well today, like in Game of Thrones, winter will never be far away. When customers fall, we usually have more time to prospect. We manage production. The problem, when winter is here, we have no more provisions. What if you innovate by switching to inbound marketing? Inbound is a marketing strategy consisting in attracting visitors to your website and converting them into leads. You can then automatically feed their buying thinking to bring these leads to maturity.

They will then be ready to be signed by salespeople in winter! Winter is coming, whether you like it or not. Prepare with the Inbound, and when the time comes, you’ll have your Valyrian steel sword to fight the Night King! This allows you to understand the ideal moment to contact him and to sweep all the points of your proposal with him. Simple tool to implement and use for salespeople but terribly effective for those who want to take advantage of the digitalization of commerce to improve their sales performance. Today, I use digital tools that allow me to offer online appointments to my prospects and even send them emails automatically.

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