You have understood the interest of communicating on the internet but you are wondering how to feed a blog or social networks regularly? Industry is not the Estonia Phone Numbers List panic: communicating on the internet when you are an industrialist is possible!

Not a week goes by without me being approached by a company in the industrial sector wishing to communicate on the internet and social networks to gain visibility and develop its turnover.

During our first discussions, the same remark inevitably comes up when I mention the volume of communications necessary to obtain significant results:

“How am I going to be able to communicate so much?” I have nothing interesting to say about my industry! ”

My industrial clients are all passionate about their profession, but they are indeed aware that their daily lives are not necessarily fascinating or digestible for Internet users. Here they are totally wrong. And you too !

Every industry can communicate on the internet and social media effectively, even you. You just need to find the right ideas and the inspiration to communicate regularly and for the long term.

How? ‘Or’ What ? Here are 5 avenues to explore for your industry’s communication.

5 ways to communicate on the Internet and social networks

Analyze the habits and expectations of your targets
The first mistake that I see regularly in industries is that they reason only from their point of view: you wonder how you are going to be able to promote your industry on the internet, sell your products and services by communicating on the internet and social networks .

This is not the right way to communicate well on the internet and social networks. You have to put yourself in the shoes of your targets and define that they are the problems they encounter and that you can solve as an industrialist.


The first thing to do to determine the subjects to be addressed in the web communication of your industry is to ask yourself how your customers are informed and trained: blogs, websites, social networks, forums, specialized press …

Therefore, you will benefit from a large number of resources that will allow you to regularly find topics to address to feed the blog and social networks of your industry.

Study the best practices of competing industries

If you are at the thinking stage, some of the competing industries are already communicating on the internet. Why don’t you take a look at their website and their social networks?

It is not enough here to walk around 5 minutes and write down 2 or 3 ideas for articles for your industry. Really take the time to analyze their practices, identify the articles and social media posts that are most successful and those that have the least.

In addition to finding inspiration for communicating on the internet, you will also save invaluable time by exploiting what works in competing industries and by abandoning what works less.

Explore your website statistics
Many industries still do not have a website. If you are one of these industries, this line of communication is not valid and I advise you to contact me immediately so that we can remedy this .

If your industry has a website, you have the possibility of benefiting from a significant volume of statistics thanks to Google Analytics: you can in particular see the pages of your website which are the most consulted but also the keywords from which people have found your industry on the internet.

Concretely, you have the opportunity to see how your targets fall on your industry and therefore to identify the themes that interest them. Bingo, here you will find new ideas to boost the communication of your industry.

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