I would have loved to be the author of this wonderful quote but we have to give. Gary Vaynerchuk – Digital Marketing Saint Helena Email List Vaynerchuk. One thing is certain, he is absolutely right. Without context, your content will never allow you to generate leads (let alone customers!). Inbound Marketing is a strategy that aims to create content to attract. Qualified visitors to your website in order to convert them into leads and then into customers. SLN Web – Inbound marketing agency. Our method in 4 steps Inbound Marketing is ultimately a strategy that allows you to attract. New customers rather than chase them. Inbound Marketing responds perfectly.

to the changing expectations and behavior of buyers who now conduct the vast majority of their purchasing decisions on the Internet alone. The benefits of content Content is really the central element of Inbound Marketing: the idea is to create high added value content that responds to the buyer’s issues and questions throughout their purchase thinking. Content is, therefore, King, B2B companies have understood this well. However, for content to allow you to generate qualified leads and most importantly convert them into customers, your content must be contextualized. In other words, if Content is King, Context is God. The buying journey sets the pace for your Inbound Marketing To understand the importance of context for your content.

What Is Inbound Marketing In Digital World?

And your Inbound Marketing strategy, you need to understand the way the modern buyer buys in B2B, in the age of the Internet and social networks. buyer journey: how to attract customers with Inbound Marketing The buyer has all the information he needs on the Internet to make his purchasing decision: he can consult your offers, those of your competitors and identify alternative solutions. The buyer’s purchase reflection is made up of 3 stages: The buyer realizes that he has a problem. This is the Awareness phase. The buyer identifies and compares the solutions available to him. This is the Consideration phase. The buyer chooses the best solution and seeks to validate that he is making the right choice.


This is the Decision phase. While this buying thought process is similar for all buyers, the issues they face and questions they have during the 3 steps vary from buyer to buyer. This is the context! The buyer requires you to contextualize your content Not only have they changed buying behavior, the Internet and social networks have also changed the expectations of the B2B buyer. Now inundated with content, having all the information he needs to make his decision, and accustomed to receiving ever more personalized communications, the buyer no longer expects you to sell your solutions. The buyer expects you to guide them through the buying journey. This is the vocation of your content

Content At The Heart Of Inbound Marketing

and your Inbound Marketing strategy. Studies indicate it, my experience has proved it to me: the buyer no longer accepts to be solicited by a salesperson before having a precise idea of ​​the solution he is considering, in plain language, only from the Decision phase of the purchasing journey. You must therefore do everything possible to attract his attention throughout his purchase reflection by providing him with what he is looking for: the answers to the questions they ask themselves during this reflection. The buyer wants you to show them that you are the best person to help them solve their problem and achieve their goals. I did say “PERSON”.

Once the buyer’s attention has been captured on the Internet and it has matured. It’s up to the salesperson to play. It’s finally (and only now) time to pick up your phone. Forget automatic speeches, ready-made hooks. And standard sales presentations: the buyer wants you to personalize and contextualize each of your messages! To find out more here, I suggest you consult our methodology to offer your prospects a unique and contextualized experience to convert them into customers. Do you want to switch to Inbound Marketing or optimize your strategy? Download our Guide to Inbound Marketing for Innovative Companies! A Persona is a typical profile of an ideal customer: the goal of the Persona is to define detail.

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