Promote your Facebook page everywhere. All the opportunities are good to gain fans on Facebook. And it is not because we are Namibia Phone Number List possible to promote it on other levers. As I do above, do not hesitate to promote your Facebook page on your blog or website. Of course, also consider putting a Facebook icon somewhere at the top or bottom of the page.

Beside that, also take advantage of your other social networks to promote your Facebook page. If people are following you in one place, there is no reason why they should not follow you on Facebook: as long as you are careful to post unique content on Facebook and not a copy and paste of what you are doing. on other social networks.

Also think about your paper communication media to promote your Facebook page. Also put links in your e-mailings and newsletters. Finally, I recommend that you, like each of my clients, put a banner in your signature to encourage your contacts to join you on Facebook .

Organize contests
We love all the contests! Now you see it, a lot of Facebook pages have contests and they all look the same. For contests to allow you to win fans on Facebook, you will need to be original, imaginative and offer prizes that attract.

Here, I recommend that you read the guide I wrote on the subject, which gives you 18 tips for running a successful social media contest.
Solicit your partners
As we saw in the introduction, everyone is on Facebook: your customers, your prospects, your suppliers and more generally your partners. So they all have a larger or smaller community and like you, need to attract more fans to their Facebook page.

How To Make A Success Of Your Live On Facebook

Take advantage of this to organize joint actions with your partners on Facebook. For example, you can relay their publications, comment on them. It’s a good start and it’s a safe bet that they will naturally do the same on your Facebook page.

You can then go further by posting interviews or even hosting Live Videos together. As is often the case on social networks, imagination is the key to success, but there are plenty of opportunities!

Offer great business deals for your fans
In order to thank your fans for their loyalty and commitment, but also to attract new fans, you can book commercial offers for your Facebook community. Of course, you can regularly offer discounts against presentation of a promo code, but you can go further with your imagination.


Recently, I organized an animation on the Facebook page of one of my merchant clients: for all the customers who took a selfie with the merchant in question and posted it on the latter’s Facebook page, they received a mini-candle scented. A not very expensive operation which made it possible to attract a hundred people in store in one weekend!

Contact influencers in your field of activity
By definition, influencers are people who bring together several thousand fans on social networks. Their audience is large and engaged. This is a great opportunity for you to market your Facebook page and gain fans.

After identifying them, suggest to influencers in your sector to promote your Facebook page. Here, you have to be clever: again, by definition, an influencer is solicited daily by brands to promote them. To attract their attention, you must therefore have an ultra-personalized approach, make sure that your Facebook page corresponds to the editorial line of the targeted influencers and finally offer them an interesting reward.

Find Sln Web On Facebook

Influencer marketing is a big issue and a huge topic that would require a full-fledged article. Stay tuned to receive tips soon!


✔ Tip # 10 – Organize sponsored campaigns
We talked about it in the introduction: creating a community from zero on Facebook takes time and perseverance. Even if you practice the previous 9 tips, it will take a few months for you to reach an interesting fan base.

Facebook remains a business … Like any business, it wants to make as much profit as possible and advertising is the major source of income for Facebook. We therefore understand that everything is done to limit the impact of free actions in order to encourage companies to pay to make themselves known on Facebook.

However, while there is a cost, it isn’t that much if you go about it right. The Facebook advertising network is very well designed and in particular it allows you to configure very precise targeting and therefore to optimize your budget, however limited it may be.

If you want to get started, I wrote an article on the subject in which I present my method, the OPTIMAL method, to undoubtedly succeed in your advertising campaign on Facebook.



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