Where can you find your target audience? For example, you can only go live on YouTube, hold your webinar exclusively via Zoom, or go live simultaneously on all kinds of different platforms with handy tools such as StreamYard . This is a very important choice. Depending on your platform, you can have more or less freedom with camera connections, use of graphics, duration of the live stream, and most importantly, reaching the right viewers. 3.

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Choose your camera: from phone to multiple cameras This is often the first question I get: what should I buy, what kind of camera do you recommend? My advice is to start Kuwait Phone Number the above two points first. Only then can you see what you really need in terms of equipment. If you’ve never livestreamed before, start by simply using your phone or webcam. For an upgrade, you can opt for a good quality webcam that you connect, such as the Logitech.

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I eventually switched to the Sony A6100 for the super-fast autofocus (useful when live streaming). 4. When live streaming, think about switchers for cameras and graphics With most social platforms you can only really connect 1 camera. Do you still want to stream with multiple cameras, and therefore switch between cameras? Or visualize graphics (such as names or photos) during your livestream? Then you can do that with something like the ATEM mini or StreamDeck. Do you now think: that is all a heavy investment?

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