And let’s face it. With no need for a motivation-killing commute. You can get to work earlier – with far less stress and your favourite coffee cup in hand. In 2017. We should expect to see more and more businesses going virtual. The website 1 million for flexibility allows you to sign up to a global forum Saudi Arabia Phone Number List dedicated to making work flexibility an everyday reality. 5. Real estate is being reimagined having a great workplace environment is essential to having a happy. Productive team. If you don’t think a virtual office is right for your entrepreneurial project. Consider opting for a co-working space.

Co-working spaces are set to become increasingly common in 2017 and continue to provide startups with  relatively inexpensive offices with plenty of perks to boot. Co-Saudi Arabia Phone Number List working spaces reimagine. Reconfigure and repurpose traditional work spaces into bright. Breezy offices with a focus on fostering creativity and collaboration. They provide access to everything you would normally find at an office – printers. Faces. Phones. Conference rooms and more – for a fraction of the cost. In addition to the traditional amenities. Co-working spaces typically run office events and networking mixers… meaning the person you need to find to achieve a business goal could literally be right on your doorstep. 

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Places like wework provide access to office space at rates that are significantly cheaper than traditional offices. And with perks like leisurely common areas that look more like living rooms than offices. It’s easy for startups to make a home. Wrapping up when we started our company heropay. We took Spain phone number advantage of all the reasons listed above that today’s environment is perfect for entrepreneurs. We crowdsourced our logo on 99designs. Our company name on crowdspring. And presto. We were off to the races!  then went out and bought a domain on godaddy to establish our web presence.  signed up for affordable shared space at wework. 

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We communicated through slack and skype and broadcast our messages externally through nifty pr and other marketing tools. The point is. We used all of the technological advantages at our fingertips to get our payment processing comparison company off the ground. And in 2017. You can too. If you need Saudi Arabia Phone Number List more proof that there are infinite tools at your disposal. Here’s a handy little infographic of our top picks in more than 10 categories. Like the credit card processors we partner with on our platform. We’ve thoroughly vetted all of the companies we’ve listed here. Entrepreneur tools for 2017 infographic so whether you’re just starting out or have years of professional experience under your belt. The time has never been better to take the entrepreneurial leap. 

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Therefore, If you’ve been thinking about starting a business and have been waiting for the right time. Hopefully this list has given you some more food for thought and helped convince you that 2017 is your year. Guest author: hiro taylor is founder and ceo of heropay. Hiro is a former visa executive having spent 4 years in asia helping build payment systems in international markets.  As visa country manager of myanmar. Saudi Arabia Phone Number List Hiro built the country’s electronic payment system from zero helping enable $300 million in commerce despite the country’s antiquated telecommunications and banking infrastructure.  During hiro’s tenure. Myanmar was visa’s fastest growing market globally.

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