Do you want to go further? Download the white paper which will give you a detailed overview of the 7 steps to be Luxembourg Phone Number List and gain new customers: The first mistake I encounter with IT service companies that approach me is the lack of a documented strategy. You try things out, you’ve created social media accounts, posted news for a few weeks, and wonder why you’re not getting any feedback. Without a documented strategy, that’s normal!

The Social Media strategy of your IT services company must precisely define the following points:

What are the objectives for your IT services company? Do you communicate on social networks to gain visibility? Attract visitors to your Site? Generate Leads?
What resources does your IT services company have to communicate on social networks? Budget and skills!
Who are your targets? What are your key Personas for your IT services company?
What are the strategic social networks for your IT services company?
What is your editorial line? The themes to be addressed and the appropriate formats!
How often should your IT services company communicate on social networks?
By answering all these elements, you will be able to put in place the most relevant actions but also to define indicators allowing you that your communication on social networks goes well in the direction of the objectives of your IT services company.

Very often the IT services companies that I meet do not respond to comments and private messages they receive on their social networks. What a mistake !

Work On A Documented Strategy

Internet studies all agree to show that your customers and prospects expect a brand to exchange on social networks. Whether you listen to them or not, whether you answer them or not, your customers and prospects will talk about your IT services company on social networks.

To encourage your customers to leave positive comments about your service and your IT services company, thank those who do and highlight their comments. For negative comments from unhappy customers that you dread so much, respond equally and as quickly and as relevantly as possible.

I often show my clients that negative feedback is actually a great opportunity to attract new clients by showing them that the customer is your IT company’s main concern and that you are doing everything you can to keep them happy.


As we saw in the introduction, you will need to use your imagination to elevate your IT services company above your competitors and grab the attention of your customers and prospects. If you just post on your social media what you find in other IT companies, it won’t work.

To communicate well on social networks, you must therefore experiment as much as possible but above all that you analyze the statistics at your disposal. This will help you determine what works best for your IT services company and what does not.

For example, you can try to offer customer service on Facebook, publish reports of your services on Twitter or even offer Live Videos to teach your customers and prospects how to secure their IT. There is no shortage of ideas but don’t forget, analyze each of your actions!

Listen And Respond!

What is Marketing Automation? If we limit ourselves to its literal translation, Marketing Automation would be a tool that automates and manages all of your Digital Marketing actions. Nice promise, isn’t it? In fact, it’s a bit more complex than that, but there are plenty of reasons to switch to Marketing Automation. Here are 3 compelling reasons to switch to Marketing Automation.

What is Marketing Automation?
Marketing Automation is software that automates repetitive tasks through pre-established scenarios . Concretely, depending on the browsing of Internet users on your website or the evolution of your prospects in their purchasing decision, Marketing Automation software allows you to send ultra-personalized communications, automatically according to elements triggers.

The most basic example being the welcome email you receive when you subscribe to a newsletter: you subscribe to our newsletter here. Your registration is the trigger that will tell our Marketing Automation software to send you a personalized welcome e-mail with the information you have given us at registration.

This same logic allows you for example also to receive information on the delivery status of your last purchase! And no, it’s not a real person sending you the very good news that your last pair of boots has just been shipped!

Marketing automation is therefore a powerful software solution that must be configured and used intelligently.

Why switch to Marketing Automation now? Here are 3 indisputable reasons! 3 good reasons to switch to Marketing Automation. Marketing automation saves you time

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