A Marketing Qualified Lead is a lead who has demonstrated. Through his actions to be in the final phase of the purchasing process. By the Afghanistan Phone Number List on your website, MQL has shown you its maturity. Here, for example, he may have downloaded a customer case and visited your prices page several times. If you give your sales reps your marketing leads too early, they’ll actually have to struggle to do what you can do automatically with Marketing Automation tools . Taken by the time and under the pressure of objectives, salespeople therefore prefer to put your marketing leads aside to come back to them in a few weeks, hoping that it is not too late…!

Consideration: the buyer identifies and evaluates the solutions. Decision: the buyer has chosen a solution and wishes to validate that it is the most relevant. Prospects at the “Awareness” start of their buying process aren’t ready to talk to you yet. Imposing an appointment to present your products, or offering a free test period for your software is not relevant. It’s far too early for the sales team to step in and that’s often why you can’t get a response from your prospects. This type of prospect must be further nourished – we are talking about Lead Nuturing here – by specific messages. The purpose of these specific communications is to help them progress in their purchasing thinking.

Getting In Touch With Your Prospect

The length, frequency and most importantly the value of these messages should correlate with the average length of the sales cycle. How to identify the most mature prospects? Prospects already strongly involved in the “Consideration” and “Decision” stages, on the contrary, require an energetic and almost immediate reaction from the sales team. The interaction between the salesperson and the prospect must be very engaging and focused on the degree of urgency expressed. The degree of maturity of your prospects is relative to their commitment to your business. All his online actions, from visiting your website to submitting a contact form and downloading your product sheets, provide information on his ability and willingness to move forward in the purchasing process.


To easily identify your most mature prospects, you can use the Lead Scoring technique. Which consists of giving your prospects a score out of 100 according to the actions listed. Above which will each be worth a number of points predefined upstream between you and the marketing teams. The Lead Scoring will allow you to build prospect lists to contact first. The more precise the content viewed and closer to an intention to purchase. The services page for example, the higher the score assigned to this prospect. A confession to begin with. During my years of prospecting as a salesperson I made nearly 7000 calls per year to people. Who did not know me and did not know my products and services.

Your Marketing Leads Are Not Mature Enough

My observation is that prospects are not behind their phone while waiting for my call. Some don’t even answer their phones when they don’t recognize the displayed number. 90% of those who respond offer – within 20 seconds – to send them an email with a brochure and a link to your site. Worse yet, the next generation seems downright allergic to the phone . If connecting over the phone with your prospect seems so complex, it’s just not being used at the right time. You will only get few reliable and motivated contacts through this medium because it is seen as too intrusive by prospects. In addition, it is very difficult to position an effective speech when you approach the description or the uses of an innovative product.

In a matchmaking approach, you should use the phone when the other person has shown, through their various readings and browsing on your site, that they are ready and sufficiently informed about your products and services to initiate a conversation with you. When you dial the number of your prospect, you are not sure that his welcome will be constructive, do not hesitate to send him an email. In this way you can ask for his agreement for a telephone exchange and you will be able to find together the best time to join you. Your challenge now is to make the necessary changes to match your sales process with the behaviors of your buyers.

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