To gain productivity and prospect in the best possible way. Optimize your time by approaching the most active Bolivia Phone Numbers List as a priority. Your prospects do not have the same expectations throughout their purchase reflection. If your target has just become aware of a problem that they are encountering. You will have to prospect them differently than if they have already taken knowledge of the solutions available to them. To identify the most active prospects. I recommend that you use social media and analyze your publications. People who consult, like, comment or share your content are naturally active in their purchase thinking. Also remember to follow the news of the companies.

You are targeting to learn about events that could trigger a rapid need: recruitment, fundraising, product launch etc. Communicate in the right tempo. As the start of the school year is always fast-paced for your prospects, it is important to communicate at the best time to attract their attention and optimize your chances of getting an appointment. Communicating at the best time doesn’t just mean figuring out the day and time your prospect is most available. It is rather a question of determining the communication which corresponds most to its expectations of the moment. To do this, measure the engagement of your prospects and analyze their behavior on your website or in relation to your e-mailings.

Take Stock Of Your Targets

A prospect who visits your “Pricing” page doesn’t expect the same as a prospect who just viewed your last blog post. Adapt! Pick up your phone (finally)! After having carried out the 4 preceding steps, you will be able to determine the hottest prospects. To do this, you can define a rating system and the threshold that a prospect must reach for you to contact him. We are talking about Lead Scoring. Concretely, it is a question here of attributing points to your prospect according to his behavior towards your communications. Assuming that your rating is a rating out of 100, you can very well plan to contact by phone all prospects who exceed the rating of 50.


We thus multiply by 3 the number of appointments made with our customers. Keep in touch with your unavailable prospects. Even if you are the best of salespeople and have completed the previous 5 steps perfectly, you will not be able to convert all of your prospects into customers. Some of your prospects will not be mature enough, will not have the necessary budgets at the moment or will need more thought. Do not make the mistake of abandoning your prospects only to contact them again at the start of the next school year. It is important here to integrate them into your communication strategy by subscribing them for example to your newsletter so that they will remember you when they are ready to buy.

At The Start Of The School Year

How to prospect well in the age of the Internet and social networks? By using your website of course! Forget about flyers and other commercial brochures. To prospect properly, you must be able to rely on a website that reflects your offers but also your expertise. When I broach the subject of the company’s website during a meeting, the answers converge on: “We know that it is important but we do not have time to look into it. This is a serious error, yet extremely widespread. Your website should be the central element of your business development strategy. Your website must be your first lever to prospect. So how do you properly prospect in this situation?

And there, they are the ones who will pick up their phone to solicit you! How to prospect well in the age of the Web and Social Networks? Download our free guide now! I remember many exchanges with companies, from various fields of activity, whose objective was to increase their turnover. However, the traditional levers used to prospect show a decrease in efficiency. Most companies have found the solution by increasing the number of appointments made by their salespeople without changing their prospecting method: at the cost of a great expenditure of energy, the results were sometimes there. The understanding of the contribution of an optimized website to be able to help salespeople to prospect well is present.

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