We always talked about ‘the student’, but how do you know exactly who that student is and what that student needs? Solution 2: Personas To make the user concrete, we developed a persona . This is where Charlotte was born. From then on we no longer talked about ‘the student’, but started talking about Charlotte. The student had acquired a face. Charlotte was the person we optimized the digital services for. Challenge 3: The user’s situation changed So at that moment we had the persona Charlotte. But Charlotte’s situation turned out to be an essential element in her persona.

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Charlotte was doing an internship when she should have taken a test. Well, we had not taken that into account in the development of digital services… Solution 3: a persona + her situation For the first time, we no longer looked only at the person Canada Phone Number wanted to help, but also at that person’s sentiment. What situation was Charlotte in, and what are the reasons why she did or didn’t do something? We included these questions in the development of the persona, and in developing the ideal customer journey for that persona. Which steps does Charlotte go through, and what does she need in her situation to take those steps? Girl with books.

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Challenge 4: we didn’t include the ‘back’ We talked to academic counselors and support staff and came up with a really good customer journey for Charlotte. Then we went to talk to the IT department and the information manager. Then suddenly there appeared to be reasons why that customer journey was not feasible. The systems couldn’t do it, there were legal ramifications or we couldn’t figure it out with privacy. How is that possible? We had developed such a good customer journey! The reason: we came up with it without involving all the departments.

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