What is Hubspot? Hubspot is expensive! Hubspot, how long does it take to bring results? This is Brunei Email List expensive! It’s expensive? Truly? Is the Hubspot price justified? Here is our opinion. We know Hubspot well since we have been partners since 2016. And to be completely transparent, we too hesitated. We asked ourselves these questions. We remarked on the “Hubspot is expensive!” And we wondered if the investment was worth the cost. We continue to provide answers to these same questions when asked by our prospects. It is obvious that for those who are just starting to deal with topics such as Inbound Marketing or Content Marketing

Investing in software like HubSpot can come as a shock. Especially when you take note of the prices of the solution. We recently published a full review of the Hubspot software. In this article, we talk about the top 12 reasons to switch to Hubspot, but we don’t really talk about the price. So is Hubspot expensive? Yes! Is investing in Hubspot profitable? Let’s see that now. Hubspot is Complete Marketing and Sales Software. Hubspot is today our reference software for all our digital marketing actions and more generally for the generation of Leads. All of our actions. Our Marketing Emailings, our forms, our Landing Pages, our CRM, the management of our social networks.

The creation of our paid campaigns

The analysis of our traffic … In short, all our digital marketing actions go through Hubspot. Everything we need to design and implement an Inbound Marketing strategy is here. And, it’s frankly very convenient to find everything in one place. Marketing is therefore very well served. But the sales department in all this? HubSpot software to align marketing and sales. As stated above, Hubspot is complete software for marketing and sales. Hubspot also delivers a CRM, a complete forecast, a document management tool to be shared with prospects, tracked emails, and many options to integrate other applications and software that make life easier for salespeople. It’s complete for both Marketing and Sales teams.


And even for a third since the after-sales service also benefits from a ticket tracking tool. It’s complete but maybe too much. This is what you can tell yourself at first glance, but for skills development, you can rely on an inbound marketing agency, us for example. But also on the Hubspot learning center. HubSpot, through the academy it offers, offers you a lot of support, training modules … we will come back to this a little later. Let’s talk face-to-face about your Hubspot thinking. With Hubspot, ROI is Easy to Measure and Improve. One of the biggest benefits of investing in Hubspot is that you won’t have to guess your ROI anymore.

How to measure Hubspot’s ROI

The Hubspot software allows you to monitor the performance of all your actions: your website, your blog, your social networks, your advertising campaigns, and your emailings. Even more, Hubspot lets you know where your visitors, leads, and customers are coming from. In short, you can easily understand the journey of your customers on your website. So it’s easy, in theory, to improve your performance. This allows you to prove that the investment of the Digital Marketing budget is paying off for the business. You can even go into detail, down to the euro, to show that your Marketing strategy is working. And yes, it works. After all, what if Hubspot wasn’t that expensive? In parallel with the investment, it is important to place the ROI.

In addition to being easy to measure, it is just as easy to improve the ROI of your Digital Marketing actions with Hubspot. Comment? Through in-depth analyzes of all aspects of your Digital Marketing efforts, you know exactly what is working and what is not. This allows you to focus your efforts on what brings the most prospects, the most value, and therefore the most ROI. Hubspot offers training and a large knowledge base. Digital Marketing is evolving every day. Every day the day before is necessary. Finding reliable sources of information is just as necessary. Worse, for profiles with limited experience in Digital Marketing, getting their hands on the Inbound Marketing methodology can seem overwhelming without relying on reliable information.

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