Hubspot is a cost and a major overhaul of your marketing and sales strategy. Wondering if Hubspot is worth the cost? Looking Spain Email List reviews? Here is our feedback (objective!) Since 2016. We are an Inbound Marketing agency since 2013 and a Hubspot partner agency. We hesitated. Our customers are now very satisfied with Hubspot, but I can assure you, they also hesitated. Did you hesitate too? It’s reassuring! If a B2B business invests in Hubspot without taking the time to think it over, we think it is oblivious. Choosing Hubspot is an important strategic decision and fact. That you are looking for Hubspot reviews on the web is a really good sign.

We have been using Hubspot since 2016. They have been supporting boxes in the implementation and operation of Hubspot since 2016 as well. We are convinced by Hubspot but believe it may not be suitable for everyone. At the very least, you can’t invest in Hubspot without some prerequisites. So is your return on investment. In this article, therefore, we are going to give you an objective Hubspot review. If you prefer to chat, we can talk about your Hubspot project in person. I suggest you book a phone slot now: Do you prefer to read? Here is the summary of this article on our Hubspot review: Our opinion on Hubspot, the 12 best reasons to stop by.

Our opinion on the Hubspot CRM

The risks to anticipate before investing in Hubspot. Hubspot review: the 12 best reasons to take the plunge. To help you in your thinking, I have listed here the 12 best reasons that convinced us, both us and our customers. Hubspot is a complete Marketing Platform. If we were to narrow our Hubspot review down to just one point this would be it. If we chose the Hubspot software for our agency and our clients, it is because Hubspot allows you to manage all your Marketing actions under a single interface. And that represents a double advantage: Significant time savings. An opportunity to check the ROI of your actions at a glance. The reporting functionality of the Hubspot.


Software is really great: at a glance, you can see the number of visits, the number of leads and the number of customers generated by each of your Marketing actions. Hubspot Promotes Collaboration between Marketing and Sales. B2B decision-makers are always more connected and autonomous in their purchasing thinking. As he’s more and more reluctant to talk to a salesperson, he has fully integrated the Internet into his thinking. Many B2B companies see this as a threat. With Hubspot Marketing Automation software, this change in behavior is a real opportunity for your business. But to take full advantage of it, it is essential that your Marketing and Sales departments work together.

Hubspot is a great tool for that

In addition to offering Marketing functionalities, Hubspot integrates a CRM (if necessary!) And a wide range of commercial functionalities such as making online appointments, sending automated commercial emails and the automatic transmission of the hottest leads and mature. Choose hubspot to help your sales representatives. Hubspot also allows salespeople to retrieve as much information as possible on a prospect: information on their needs, objectives, structure, but also the history of their behavior on your website or in relation to your emails! Are you ready to switch to Hubspot? Take advantage of a Free Telephone Audit! Hubspot is Compatible with (almost) All CRMs. Do you use Salesforce? Microsoft Dynamics? SugarCRM? Hubspot offers integrations with dozens of lead generation and content creation tools.

Do you have an in-house CRM? No matter what situation you are in: Hubspot is compatible with your CRM. I am not saying here that the synchronization between Hubspot and your CRM will be done in 2 clicks but the experience of Hubspot, its technical service and its network of partner agencies necessarily guarantee you a solution adapted to your situation. Don’t have a CRM? Hubspot offers it to you! Hubspot Turns your Website into a Lead Machine. If you ask us Why Hubspot, we will necessarily answer that Hubspot is the best Marketing Automation software to generate ROI on the internet. By choosing Hubspot, you will make your website a real Leads machine, thanks to 3 key features.

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