To qualify a prospect, you must validate 1) that he corresponds to your ideal customer profile. And that he is advanced in his purchase reflection. To qualify your Tokelau Email List the Lead Scoring method. What is Lead Scoring? As its name suggests. Lead Scoring consists of giving a score to your prospects to measure their interest in your offer. Generally, the Lead Scoring is scored out of 100 points. To rate your prospect, you must identify the positive criteria – download of white paper clicks in your e-mailings, company operating in your target sector, etc. – which “will give points to your prospects”. Also, remember to identify negative criteria.

that will take points away from your prospect. Here, the Marketing Director must determine the criteria and the number of points they are worth for Lead Scoring in collaboration with your sales department. Remember, as we saw in the prerequisites, the characteristics of the ideal prospect must be jointly defined by the two departments. As soon as you have validated this scoring system, all you have to do is define the level to reach for the prospect to be considered qualified and therefore to pass it on to your sales representatives. But what about prospects who are not ready to be passed on to salespeople? You need to feed their thinking through Lead Nurturing. What is Lead Nurturing?

The Key To Success

Lead Nurturing consists of sending quality content to your prospects to feed their purchasing thinking: blog articles, white papers, videos … Lead Nurturing allows you to stay in the memory of prospects who are not yet ready to buy so that when the time comes, they will contact you. The goal of Lead Nurturing is to show your prospects that you are THE person to help them solve their problems and achieve their goals. Lead Nurturing is vital for a B2B business since, quite often, your customers’ purchasing decision cycle spans several weeks or even months. It is therefore essential to regularly feed the reflections of the buyer who naturally seeks to be reassured that a solution like yours corresponds to his needs.


At this point in the inbound marketing strategy, you should be able to pass qualified leads to your sales department and expect them to convert a good chunk of them into customers. To successfully carry out your Lead Scoring and Lead Nurturing actions, a Marketing Automation tool may be essential. Step # 4 of B2B Inbound Marketing: retain your customers This step is too often forgotten by marketers and obviously, I understand if this is your case. Generating qualified leads already requires a lot of work, so making an extra effort to retain your customers seems less useful to you. However, you know very well that acquiring a new customer costs a lot more than retaining one.

Thought For The Buyer

At the agency, we even assume that a customer does not really become a customer until after their second purchase. To optimize the return on investment of your Inbound Marketing strategy. It is essential to do everything possible to retain your hard-won customers. The reason is simple: the longer the lifespan of a customer. The more profitable the cost of acquiring a customer via inbound marketing in B2B. To retain your customers with the Inbound Marketing strategy. All you have to do is use all the levers that we have seen in the previous steps for your prospects. Use social networks to stay in touch. Send personalized e-mailings to encourage a new purchase.

Publish content on your website to continue to solve your customers’ issues. In addition, keeping in touch will allow you to improve the experience of your customers. But also to be present when a new need has to be satisfied. This is very important here since your customers may not have the same uses for your product. And since this is an innovative offer. You will not have sufficient perspective to understand them all. Finally, retaining your customers will also allow you to solicit them in order to create. Reassuring content for your prospects. I am thinking here of case studies or testimonials. This content is very effective. In convincing your prospects to trust you.

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