it is essential to equip yourself in the long term with a Marketing Automation tool. That allows you to carry Faroe Islands Email List interface. You don’t manage your leads well. To convert leads into customers. Marketing needs to get them to salespeople at the right time. Aligning marketing and sales: a crucial issue. Very often, the failure of your inbound marketing strategy is due to the fact. That marketing passes the leads generated directly to the salespeople. However, in B2B, 73% of the leads you generate are not ready to buy. It is essential to measure the level of maturity of your leads and to feed their purchase thinking in an adequate way to transmit them to the sales representatives when they are hot.

Your conversion funnel is not optimal. The success of your Inbound Marketing strategy depends on the quality of your website which must be optimized for conversion. If your website does not offer enough call-to-action buttons, they aren’t visible enough, or your Landing Pages aren’t tailored to the buyer’s expectations, your Inbound Marketing strategy will fail. To go further here, I suggest you consult our methodology to transform your website into a qualified lead machine. You don’t have a precise strategy. This is probably the mistake that I encounter the most often: if you tell me that you have a strategy “in your head”, I deduce that you do not have a strategy. I have been doing Inbound Marketing since 2010 and I have yet to see.

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A B2B business does it successfully without having a documented strategy. Inbound Marketing is an ultra-powerful methodology but which requires respecting all of its concepts. Without a documented strategy, it is humanly impossible. Do you want to be successful inbound marketing? The buyer no longer expects a salesperson to promote their offer in a standard way. He wants the salesperson to guide him in his buying thinking. For this, the salesperson must be able to transmit to the buyer quality content adapted to the problems and the context of his prospects. If your website is a showcase site, your salesperson has only 2 options: take content from the competition or conduct a standard sales approach for all of their prospects.


The conversion rate is an indicator that allows you to directly measure the effectiveness of an email. You have set a precise objective for your emailing campaign – a purchase, a request for contact, a quote, a download, etc… – the conversion rate to measure its achievement. What is a good conversion rate for an Emailing? I’ll tell you between 1 and 2% BUT actually, I can’t give you an answer right here. Between 1 and 2%, this is what I generally notice when I analyze the Emailing campaigns of my clients, knowing that I am working in B2B in areas of activity where the sales cycle is long and complex.

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The other important point here is that analyzing an Emailing campaign is not enough to properly measure the conversion rate: the quality of your Landing Page or your sales page must also be analyzed. The Unsubscribe Rate. The unsubscribe rate is an essential indicator for analyzing the performance of your emailings. As its name suggests, the unsubscribe rate represents the volume of unsubscribing compared to the volume of emails delivered . This indicator allows you to validate several things: The quality of your emailing. The frequency of your shipments. If your unsubscribe rate is high, it is either because your emailing is not good, or because you send too much, or both. What is a good unsubscribe rate for an Emailing?

A good churn rate should be less than 1%. As we started to mention just above, if by analyzing your emailing campaign, you notice that this indicator is greater than 1%, it is because your messages are either irrelevant or you send them too often. The other possibility is that you are sending your emails to people who have not expressed the wish and many studies show that the main reason for unsubscribing is not knowing the sender. Send an email with permission in B2B. ROI – Return on Investment
ROI is the key indicator to measure the profitability of your emailing campaigns. To measure the ROI of an email, it suffices to compare the volume of turnover generated with the sum of the costs.

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