This is undoubtedly the question I am asked the most often when I talk about a website with a company. There are many reasons. Here is the most Saint Lucia Email List Google. Your website is not optimized for SEO. The keywords you use are not suitable. Your website does not have enough content. Your website has been penalized by Google. To go further, I present these reasons in detail. If you now know enough, I invite you to download our guide: New call-to-action. Your website is not indexed in Google. If your website is not showing up on Google, it may be because Google has not indexed it.

To check if your website is well indexed in Google, you can enter the following query in the search bar: You can enter the query: site: your domain name to find out how many pages are indexed. If your website does not appear on Google via this request, it is because it is not indexed. There are 2 probable reasons for this: Your website is too recent; Your website does not allow indexing; For this last point, it is possible that you have configured your website by integrating “No Index” tags which prohibit search engines like Google from indexing it. On WordPress, it materializes like this: Why is WordPress website not indexed. Has your website just been online?

Your website will not appear on Google for a few days

It sometimes takes several weeks before Google learns of the launch of your website, especially in B2B where traffic is often lower. To speed up the indexing of your website in Google, you can create a Google Search Console account and submit your sitemap.xml file. You can also let Google know here when your website is online. Your website is not optimized for SEO. If your website is indexed, it should appear in Google. However, you do not see it! It is then most likely because your website is not optimized for SEO. The good ranking of your website in the search engines depends on 4 things: The structure of your website must meet Google best practices.

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Your content should be optimized for the web; You must have external links that point to your site; The performance of your website must be good; First, if your website isn’t suitable for mobile browsing, doesn’t load quickly, and/or doesn’t have an HTTPS certificate, it will never be on the first page on Google. For the content and links part, I highly recommend that you check out the links embedded above. Finally, the ranking of your website on Google also depends on its performance: if you do not have enough visitors, that they do not stay on your site for a long time or that they do not visit more than one page, your website will never appear on the first page on Google.

The keywords you use are not suitable

If a website does not appear on Google, it is often because the keywords used are not good. I see 2 things in relation to that. First, the competition is strong. If you are using keywords that are very competitive, you will need to work harder to improve your website’s SEO. Second, B2B companies often tend to choose their keywords based on their products/services and not on their customers’ research. The B2B decision-maker uses Google to find answers to the questions he asks himself throughout the purchasing journey and to solve his daily problems. Buyer journey: the length of the sales cycle – Inbound Marketing. The 3 stages of the purchasing journey: Awareness -> Consideration -> Decision.

In order for your website to be visible to your customers and prospects, you must use keywords adapted to their thoughts and their buying journey. Your website does not have enough content. An important point for SEO in search engines: it is not your website that is referenced but each of your pages. If your website does not appear on Google, it is probably because you do not have enough pages. The more pages you have on your website, the more entry point you have and the more chances you have of being well referenced on Google. The good SEO of your website depends directly on the frequency and volume of content you put online. With this in mind.

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