Innovative companies must take up crucial challenges linked to the evolution of buyer behavior but also to their DNA. The buyer is Great Britain Email List no chance. That he is looking for an innovative solution that he does not know. Inbound Marketing is the perfect strategy to meet these challenges. The way we buy in B2B has changed, it is important for companies to change the way they sell. Here are 7 statistics that show that Inbound Marketing is the perfect strategy for innovative companies. That aim to generate more qualified leads and/or convert them more often into customers. 61% of B2B buyers start the buying journey with a web search through search engines.

How to be visible in search engines when the buyer does not know you? This is the challenge you must take up as an innovative company. The Inbound Marketing strategy is perfect for this: you create content around the issues and questions that the buyer asks themselves throughout their purchase thinking. Thus, your Inbound Marketing strategy allows you to rank well in search engines on the keywords entered by your target. New call-to-action. 89% of B2B buyers say they choose the providers who offer them the most content showing the ROI of their offer. This statistic is very telling: to attract the modern B2B buyer, you must offer him high added-value content.

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This is all the more true when you are an innovative company since the buyer needs to reassure him about the relevance of your new offer and that he is naturally not mature. 75% of B2B buyers say it is essential that a business site features content that is relevant to their needs and context. With the Internet and social networks, the B2B buyer has not only become more independent but also more demanding. Overwhelmed with information, he naturally sorts things out, attaching importance only to communications that speak to him perfectly. To grab the attention of the B2B buyer – and retain it – it is important to offer them a unique and contextualized experience. Coupled with a Marketing Automation tool.


Inbound Marketing allows you to offer content on your website tailored to the expectations and profile of your visitors. A B2B buyer leads alone between 65 and 90% of his purchase thinking. With the Internet, buyers have all the information. They need to think about their purchase on their own, just a click away. He can learn about his problem. Identify and compare all the solutions available to him. All this means that the buyer no longer agrees to contact a salesperson before having made his decision. In this situation, it is important to put in place a strategy allowing you to generate leads online, to bring them to maturity to transmit them to salespeople at the best time. This is all that an effective Inbound Marketing strategy allows.

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67% of B2B buyers admit to taking their peers’ recommendations into account when making a final purchasing decision. As an innovative company, you must do everything to reassure the buyer by showing him that your innovative offer is the most relevant. There is no miracle recipe for this: your customers’ testimonials and feedback are invaluable. With Inbound Marketing, you make your customers your best ambassadors. 75% of B2B buyers say the winning provider’s content had a significant impact on their buying decision. Who says innovative company says immature market and says sales cycle that goes on forever. With Inbound Marketing, you offer the buyer high added value content adapted to their level of maturity.

As this statistic demonstrates, your ability to send the right message to the right person in the right place at the right time will allow you to convert leads into customers more often. 81% of B2B buyers say they choose a supplier based on their ability to deal with their issues. The buyer no longer expects you to promote your offer. He has all the information he needs on the Internet and can access it at his convenience. The buyer wants you to help them think about buying and show them that you are the best option to help them solve their problems. Inbound Marketing is a strategy that allows you to position yourself as this altruistic expert and objective appreciated by the buyer.

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