A few days ago, I gave you 10 tips for tweeting like a boss . This article was primarily intended for individuals. Today, here is Singapore WhatsApp Number List TPE / PME. Are you a business and want to get started on Twitter? Follow the instructions!

10 tips for tweeting like a Boss! This article caused a stir and went straight to the top 5 most viewed articles on the blog. As with every success, I offer you the “Tweeter like a Boss II”: a special VSE / PME edition, in computer graphics.

Unlike Facebook, the use of Twitter is not that natural. The restrictions of 140 characters, the different possible interactions, RTs, mentions, hashtags… The characteristics of the social network make its first use quite complex and can therefore discourage more than one.

However, Twitter is a really relevant lever in a communication strategy. Are you convinced and looking for a user guide to get started on Twitter? You are in the right place !

The profile page is simple but shouldn’t be overlooked. As a business, your profile page is your storefront. To get started on Twitter, it is necessary to work on your profile carefully. For this you must naturally fill in all the elements:

Profile picture: your company logo will be perfect (dimension 400 × 400 pixels). The cover photo: why not put a nice photo of your offices or your establishment? The cover photo must be aesthetic and suggestive (dimensions 1500 × 500 pixels).

Description: You have 160 characters to describe your activity, who you are and why you are on Twitter. You also have the option to add a website, don’t miss the opportunity!

The Twitter Profile Page In Detail

On your Twitter profile page, you can find information such as the date of creation of the account, the number of tweets, favorites, the number of subscribers (those who follow you) and subscriptions (those that you follow). You can determine the information to display or not in the parameter section. In the menu on the right, you will find the trending topics and suggestions of accounts to follow according to your themes.

TPE / PME: 12 tips for getting started with Twitter
1 – Tweet in 100 characters: Twitter gives you the opportunity to express yourself in 140 characters. However, studies show that the most relevant tweets contain an average of 100 characters.


2 – 80% “disinterested” content, 20% advertising: Twitter is not a flyer. Of course, you can (you have to!) Promote your products and services there, but it shouldn’t exceed 20% of your tweets.

3 – Tweet at the right time: you must determine the right times to tweet. Only the experience and analysis of your tweets will allow you to define the right times to tweet. However, you can already rely on this basic rule: In B2B, we tweet during office hours, in B2C, rather outside office hours… Prefer the afternoon!

4 – Control the @: the @ followed by an account allows you to communicate with this person. At the very beginning of a tweet, only this person, your followers and theirs will be able to see it. Everywhere else, the tweet will potentially be visible to the entire Twitter network.

How To Tweet – Twitter For Vses Smes

5 – Master the #: the hashtag, or hashtag, allows you to highlight the subject of your tweet but also to follow the discussions on a specific subject. If you share this article on Twitter, don’t forget to put the #Twitter at the end of the tweet. To follow all discussions about Twitter on Twitter, enter Twitter in the Twitter search. (That’s a lot of Twitter!) Use relevant hashtags and feel free to create some for your brand or products. (Sony launched the hashtag # 4ThePlayers for its Playstation 4!)

6 – Insert images and videos: images and videos generate more engagement, take advantage!

7 – Master the structure of a tweet: to share an article, respect the structure. The title of the article, the link and finally the hashtags. A comment can be made between the link and the hashtag.

8 – Participate in discussions: Twitter is a social network. Who says social network says discussion. Take part in discussions dealing with your themes. To find them, use hashtags and Twitter search.

9 – To follow or not to follow: you must respect a real following strategy. You can’t follow just anyone. Your subscriptions must be related to your themes.

10 – Use the lists: to organize your subscriptions, you can use the lists. For example, I, who specialize in webmarketing and social media communication, have created Webmarketing, SEO, Social Networks lists …

11 – Stay natural: do not do too much or not enough. Use humor or emotion.

12 – Analyze your tweets: to know what is good or not, analyze your tweets. The number of retweets, favorites, mention will allow you to determine the relevant topics and when to tweet for example.

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