This is where the topic of Marketing Automation software usually comes in. It is only during this phase that Martinique Email List a salesperson. The definition of Inbound Marketing that you can read everywhere on the Internet obscures this point because it is the most complex. Inbound Marketing is finally about making your customers your best ambassadors. This notion of an ambassador is key in the definition of Inbound Marketing. Word of mouth remains the best lever to win customers and its power has exploded with the Internet and social networks. The challenge of Inbound Marketing is to win customers and exploit their satisfaction to encourage them to advertise on the web.

Via customer cases, opinions … It’s up to you. Inbound Marketing is a strategy that takes time to generate results but the results are exponential if you take the time to go to this stage. The differences between Inbound Marketing and Outbound Marketing. To present what Inbound Marketing is, we tend to oppose it to Outbound Marketing. Inbound Marketing is Inbound Marketing while Outbound Marketing is Outbound Marketing. What are the differences in concrete terms? When you do Outbound Marketing, you push communications in order to appeal to your prospects and convince them to exchange with you. Outbound Marketing includes actions such as telephone prospecting. Mass e-mail, or door-to-door sales. Inbound Marketing, on the other hand.

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Consists of publishing high added value communications and ensuring that they are found by the customer. Clearly, Outbound is Push Marketing (you push information towards the customer) and Inbound is Pull (you pull the customer towards information). Clearer still: Outbound interrupts the daily life of prospects when Inbound intervenes in their research. Let’s see how it goes in practice. What is Inbound Marketing in practice? Inbound is not limited to content. If we are satisfied with the definition that we find everywhere on the web, we can assimilate Inbound to Content Marketing. Indeed, creating content is a major stake in generating results. However, the following actions are also essential: Create conversion funnels.

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Feed the reflection of Leads thanks to E-mail Marketing. Ensure good lead management. Analyze and optimize your action plan. Implement a Marketing Automation solution. Inbound does not attract customers but prospects. This is what makes the definition found everywhere on the web false: Inbound Marketing does not attract customers but rather prospects. The Leads more precisely. However, as we have seen, the majority of the Leads that you will generate with inbound are not ready to buy. Before generating a return on your investment with inbound marketing, you will have to wait to attract qualified visitors and wait for the time of your sales cycle to convert them into customers. Inbound is Marketing / Sales alignment.

And Then Make Them Your Best Ambassadors

I usually say that in Inbound, it’s the commerce that does everything. Obviously, this is deliberately exaggerated to mark the spirits. However, without the sales department, you will not be able to generate results with inbound. Let’s think about it. Inbound consists of implementing actions to generate a qualified lead that salespeople will convert into customers. There are two key points here: First: if Marketing doesn’t have the same view of qualified Leads as Commerce, it won’t work. Second: If commerce does not provide the same experience for Leads as marketing, there will be a disruption in the process and the chances of converting will be reduced to nil. Inbound Marketing is therefore nothing without commerce.

This is also why we also talk about Inbound Sales. Inbound is not just a Marketing topic. As you may have noticed in my definition of inbound, I often omit the word Marketing from the concept. This is not to save time but to avoid conveying the misconception that this is just a Marketing topic. Inbound is a business subject. Salespeople are concerned, as we have just seen. Management is also important because it is they who invest but not only. It must also support its teams in change. The after-sales service is concerned, the production service or the quotation service. If a horde of prospects and customers land, it will be necessary to insure. Even the HR department has a responsibility for the success of the inbound.

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