If you are liked enough by your community, you can even use it to develop your notoriety and attract more traffic to your store. Here, the Iceland WhatsApp Number List offers its fans the opportunity to share their purchases on social networks for a candle. The store thus increases its notoriety and encourages participants to return to the store to collect their gift. Clever, isn’t it?
Involving your community is good, but don’t forget to thank them! This is what Ethno-Shop sincerely does here.

All these actions will allow you to establish a lasting relationship with your community. One of the keys to success in social media communication is consistency.

Offer privileges to your community
To consolidate the results obtained from the previous actions and optimize your chances of transforming the trial, you will need to use your social networks to entice your fans and subscribers to come and visit you directly at the store. Organize business operations. Retailers and contests on social networks.

Engage Your Community

One of the most relevant levers on social networks is the organization of contests. Here The Hoopers harnesses the passion of their community to offer to win a basketball jersey to who will be the best tipster. Obviously, the commitment is there.

But business operations are not limited to contests. To generate traffic to your store on social networks, you can organize flash sales, private sales or even offer exceptional discounts to your fans and subscribers. It’s up to you to show your imagination!

Announce arrivals
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One of the most effective ways to get traffic to your store with social media is to exclusively advertise your arrivals. Are your customers always looking for new products? By following you on social networks, they will be the first to know about your new products! This is what the Local Shop is doing subtly here.


These actions will allow you to increase the feeling of belonging to your community. At the heart of your activity, members will feel valued and will become increasingly attached to your brand.

Provide after-sales service
On the internet, a dissatisfied customer talks about it to 5000! With social networks, you have the possibility of ensuring your after-sales service in real time by providing an instant response to your customers.

With responsiveness, not only will you limit the negative impact of potentially unhappy customers, but you will also be able to highlight positive reviews. As you saw in the intro, internet reviews are very popular with consumers.

Trader, How To Make Yourself Known

In conclusion,
Critics of the Internet and e-commerce often blame them for a lack of proximity, of humanity. On the contrary, with social networks, you have the opportunity to establish a real quality relationship with your customers.

Be careful, it is not enough to publish a post every year to get results. You will have to put in place a relevant communication strategy and show consistency in your actions.

Communicating on social media will take work and patience, but if used properly, it will increase traffic to your store. Post your Snapchat profile at every opportunity. Consider promoting your Snapchat account whenever possible. Add a link to your website, integrate a call-to-action button to your Snapchat account in your blog articles or even in the signature of your emails! Also consider promoting your Snapchat account on your communication media (flyers, brochures, etc.).

Partner with influencers
Other users have been there before you and now benefit from a significant audience. Find people with a strong Snapchat presence who could promote your brand on the social network. To convince them to promote you, offer them privileges such as the exclusive test of your new product.

In conclusion,
As you have seen, Snapchat has enormous potential for your communication. However, to get all the benefits, as with any other social network, it will be important for you to put in place a real strategy. As you will have understood, imagination and creativity will be the keys to your success!

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