Your target is definitely on social networks. Social networks allow you to create and develop your Lithuania WhatsApp Number List image. To communicate well without a budget, you cannot do without social networks.

What levers? Content monitoring / curation: content monitoring and curation allow you to relay content related to your areas of expertise. You “feed” your fans and subscribers while strengthening your expertise.

The Contest: the contests are particularly for a Start Up the opportunity to discover your products to your targets. You can put into play a certain number of your product or even 1 free month of your solution… It’s up to you to use your imagination!

The Hashtag: creating a hashtag around your product / service or your Start Up allows you to engage your community but also to follow what is said about you. In fact, on social networks, by clicking on a hashtag, you will find all the related content.

Want to know more about communication on social networks? The challenges of Social Media communication! Publicize your Start Up by optimizing its natural referencing: Why ?

How To Promote Startup By Communicating On Networks

SEO is a strategy that aims to improve your positioning in search engines. You will understand, you will be more visible on the first page of Google than on the tenth!

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Choose the right Keywords: to be well positioned in search engines, you must write your content around the keywords used by your target in their research on the internet. The keywords are to be sprinkled with moderation in your content.
Prefer a Long Tail: the competition is stiff, it is recommended to use key phrases rather than single words. Prefer “How to communicate without a budget” rather than “Communication”!

Think Mobile: smartphones and tablets have revolutionized uses. To be well referenced, you must adapt your content to mobile.


The capitalized case converter will automatically convert the starting letter of every word into an upper case and will leave the remaining letters as lower case ones.

Simply copy the content that you will like to generate into this format, then paste into the box form above and select the Capitalized Case tab. This Is An Example Of Capitalized Case.

To learn more about natural referencing? The 5 commandments of SEO! Publicize your Start Up by using PR 2.0: Why ? Press relations are often complex and costly. With the Internet, you have the possibility of offering yourself visibility on blogs and websites with large audiences at a lower cost. PR 2.0 is the natural evolution of press relations following the digital revolution.

Want To Learn More About Content Creation?

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Construct the message: the only constraint here is not to pay into the promo. You have to build a post that will interest bloggers. A fundraiser can do the trick, your first bang too. Bloggers are over-solicited, stand out!
Contact the influencers: once you have written a press release with your key information, you must contact the influencers – these people with a strong community in your theme – via the different levers at your disposal: Email, social networks or the blog. Do not hesitate to follow up and especially to thank the influencer for his feedback (positive as negative!).

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How social media has turned press relations upside down!
Publicize your Start Up and communicate without a budget: it’s possible!
The Internet is full of free tools to communicate effectively without a budget. However, to achieve meaningful results, it is necessary to put in place a precise strategy and stick to it.

It is not enough to write a blog article every 36 of the month and create a Facebook account to promote your Start Up. The results will not be immediate, you will have to arm yourself with patience. But you won’t regret it, we promise! Get to work now! Do you need help, advice? Do you want to outsource your communication? Contact me !

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