Now that you’ve been dumped by your followers by following my invaluable Anti-Social Media tips , do you Vietnam WhatsApp Number List career? Nothing could be simpler, social media will ruin your reputation in a matter of hours. Follow the leader !

From Personal Branding to Personal Branling. Personal Branding is the art of promoting your own brand image in order to optimize your employability. A good Personal Branding strategy makes it possible in particular to justify your areas of expertise, increase your visibility with recruiters and develop your network.

Taken to the extreme, Personal Branding will screw up your e-reputation and your employability in no time. We call it Personal Branling! How do I screw up my career with Personal Branling?

I work in com ‘and marketing! I know how to sell myself, I am the best! I have a crazy professional experience! I have no fault, only qualities. I have never understood why recruiters always ask me the same moldy question: “Can you give me 3 qualities and 3 faults?” ”

I am the ideal candidate. You can see it everywhere. It’s very simple, on my blog, my keywords are: expert, ideal candidate, perfect profile and Ibrahimovic. I have the same presentation on all professional social networks in which I repeat how fantastic I am. On Viadeo and Linkedin, I highlight my professional successes. The biggest ? I multiplied my company’s sales by 70 (we went from 100 euros in turnover on the opening day to 7,000 euros the following week). Follow this example and you will manage to get blacklisted by all recruiters in the country!

Mytho or Schizo? Another effective way to ruin your employability is to post information on social networks that is completely different from your CV.

Personal Branding Or Personal Branling

Viadeo and Linkedin are excellent! You can put whatever you want, from your experience to your training. My Viadeo profile, it slams! I’m too successful, I have dozens of visits a day. Well, I have no contact but that’s because the French are on the streets in social networks …

On my Viadeo, there’s everything! My doctorate in economics, my experience as an international group director for 5 years and as a network process manager for 3 years. Yes, I renamed my experiences a bit… The job titles I had, they didn’t mean anything!

Indeed, this Viadeo profile has a relatively exceptional dimension. But we are far from the original CV. Mytho or Schizo, by doing this you will destroy your professional career!


I am super sociable, I will have no trouble fitting into your structure. ereputation – personal branding – attention to photos
Watch out for your photos! One of the qualities highly valued by recruiters, team spirit.

Team spirit ? Of course I have it! I am very sociable! I am known as the white wolf in every bar in town. I roam the parties and have hundreds of friends on Facebook. Go see my profile, you will see!

Definitely want to grill yourself professionally? Publish (or let publish) the photos of your end of parties. You know the ones where you see you in your underwear on one leg with a plastic cup in each hand?

My employer is junk. If I am currently without a job, it is because my ex-employers were all rotten, incompetent, stupid… Not one to catch up with the other. I warned them… I told them I would tarnish their reputation on the internet.

Zlatan, Personal Branling Champion?

Social networks are perfect for that, I can denounce their 4 truths! The other con, with his cardboard Powerpoint presentations. Then his assistant, stupid as his feet! The whole web is in the know! Haha! The final touch to destroy your career: drool over your ex-colleagues and employers. Pour out all your hate! You will see it feels good …

If you then want to restore your image and optimize your professional branding image, download your free e-book on Personal Branding! On the other hand, what is certain is that for your Personal Branding to be successful, you don’t have to choose between quantity and quality. You have to do both!

By following these 3 steps, you will get your personal branding machine started. Then, once it starts to bear fruit, all you have to do is maintain it.

The challenge here is enormous. How to limit this unfair competition and allow all companies to benefit from the advantages of Big Data?

Answers in a few years. In conclusion, the number of digital data continues to grow and Big Data is still in its infancy. Analysis and storage tools will continue to improve.

Today it is difficult to precisely predict the impact that Big Data will have on our lives and our economy, however, there is no doubt that we are witnessing a real revolution which undoubtedly signals the end of privacy as we know it. ‘let’s hear …

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