As for the SEO of your website, here you have to define the keywords that are sufficiently entered to bring Ecuador Email Address in the mass. Instagram is arguably the most popular social network for influencer marketing. To communicate well on Instagram, do not deprive yourself of the audience of influencers. The challenge here is to identify and establish a relationship with the right influencers. If you are skillful, influencers will regularly relay your Instagram posts and you will benefit from a significant audience. Encourage action. By inciting to action, I mean 2 things. First, it is important to make your target understand that you expect them.

All of this stems directly from the SMART objectives that you will have defined in your social media strategy. Next, getting people to engage with your posts is essential if you want to be featured in the Instagram feed. Since 2018, the display of publications in the Instagram news feed is no longer chronological. It depends directly on the performance of your publications. Best practices for communicating well on Instagram The faster your Instagram post generates interactions, the more it will be featured. Video is scary content: we immediately tell ourselves that we are going to have to go to great lengths and that it will cost us a blind. It’s wrong!

Integrate the video without apprehension

On social networks like Instagram, you can shoot a video with your smartphone very easily. Knowing that the maximum duration of a video on Instagram is 1min30, the effort is not huge. There are, however, some good practices to follow to communicate well on Instagram by video. Do not forget to add the subtitles to your video so that it is still seen by people who do not want to activate the sound of their mobile! Instagram is a social network. In social networks, there is social. To communicate well on Instagram in B2B, it is essential to take care to respond to the comments and messages that you receive. How does she react?


Here are some questions whose answers will allow you to offer the right content to appeal to the modern buyer. Would you like to go further? Download our Guide to Communicating well on Social Networks! First of all, social networks are an excellent opportunity to prospect. We are talking about Social Selling. Then, social networks must allow you to promote the content of your website to attract more visitors and convert them into leads. The challenge here, to communicate well on social networks in B2B, is to select the right platforms and publish the right content at the right time. In other words: to generate leads on the Internet, it is essential to help your target audience.

Do not analyze the performance of your actions

to bring them value and to support them in their buying thinking. We’ve been talking about it a lot lately, but it’s vital to generate leads: the modern buyer no longer expects you to sell your offers, he demands that you answer his problems and the questions he asks. arises before trusting you. Just doing your promo inevitably causes you to lose leads. Again, this is a very common mistake. Usually, it is the lack of time that is invoked here. But in the field, what I notice is that B2B companies do not know how to measure the performance of their Digital Marketing actions. Still, it’s essential to know what works and what doesn’t. We only improve what we measure.

A successful website to attract qualified prospects must therefore be provided with quality content that responds to the issues of your target. The mistake not to make here is to have only one showcase website that is all about you. A high-performance website to fuel the buying thinking of their prospects. In a well-established commercial process, we know in advance all the possible scenarios. Following a first prospecting call, the meeting to present the company and its services is made, then we finish with the presentation of the commercial offer. In the best of all possible worlds, this process goes smoothly and in a relatively short time. In real life, the scheduling of these 3 business meetings is not so obvious.

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