We all know it: winning a new customer is expensive! Well, that was before. Did you know that Inbound Palestine Email Database by 61% on average? Does it interest you? Let’s take a look at how to get started successfully. Our customers and prospects have often told us about growth and turnover objectives. The objectives to be achieved for general management, marketing, and sales are very often based on these two criteria to which we like to add the number of new customers considered. However, and even based on these three variables, we will be missing an essential piece of data to calmly approach the ROI part: this is the cost of customer acquisition.

By reformulating the indicators, Ludovic and I like to talk about profitable growth and turnover as well as the cost of acquiring a lead, and therefore, a new customer. If in your eyes the conquest of a new customer costs you too much, the following lines are made for you: The answer is in two words: Inbound Marketing. The studies are clear on the subject: leads generated by inbound marketing cost 61% less than a lead prospected in the traditional way. SLN Web – Inbound marketing agency – our method in 4 steps. If the answer is indeed in 2 words, its implementation takes time and requires mastering the techniques of traffic attraction, lead generation, and transformation of leads into customers.

How to reduce your customer acquisition cost?

Here is the procedure to follow to reduce your customer acquisition cost with Inbound Marketing. The ultimate goal of Inbound Marketing is to attract prospects interested in your products and services. For that, it is necessary to provide a variety of content intended for your target so that it finds your Internet site. One of the best ways to best exist in the Google search engine is to start a quality blog. By adding a blog to your website with useful, entertaining, engaging, and value-added content, you attract a crowd of curious people directly interested in your business. Since your personas do most of their research online, they’ll find you. When you don’t have to hunt for leads.


You save energy, time, and therefore money. By attracting qualified traffic to your site, you no longer have to invest in sales forces that chain meetings with low-qualified prospects. With Inbound Marketing, you send your sales reps to mature and qualified leads. You thus greatly improve their productivity and reduce your customer acquisition cost. Create and optimize Landing Pages. One of the essential elements of a good Inbound Marketing strategy is a quality Landing Page. The Landing Page is the web page you want your visitors to go to fill out a lead generation form in exchange for a suitable consideration. Do you want an example? I suggest you click on the button below: New call-to-action

Create a blog to attract qualified traffic

As you can see, this page is not just a page on your website. A good landing page must contain 9 elements for it to be successful. Keep in mind that the better your landing page, the more your visitors will convert into leads. This is a sine qua non for reducing your customer acquisition cost. Create premium content offers. White papers, e-books, guides, and other downloadable content offerings are documents that allow you to position yourself as an expert in your field of activity. Please note, the white paper should not be confused with self-promotion. White papers are therefore not flyers promoting your products. These are documents containing useful, value-added information that allows your lead to progress in their thinking and purchasing journey.

Your downloadable content informs your leads and supplements their knowledge on a field of activity that interests them. Indeed, visitors to your website are looking for answers to their questions. Your white papers and other e-books are there to help them find information. White papers can get expensive for you to create. When a Tweet is 280 characters long, a white paper is, on average, fifteen pages long and requires a lot of writing. However, and even if it can be expensive to create, they only cost you dearly once! Once written, you can use your downloadable content over and over again. The better it is and responds to a problem with your Persona, the more it will be downloaded

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