At a time when innovation is in full swing and new technologies are born every day, your prospects often do not suspect the Ghana Phone Numbers List even less position them as a relevant solution to their problem. How to properly prospect in this situation?

This problem is the raison d’être of our agency.

Our customers – mostly technological and innovative companies – must take up a crucial issue in order to prospect successfully: attracting customers who are not aware of the existence of their products, who do not understand them because they are technically complex and who do not succeed. to understand its uses and added value.

I have already heard comments in the field of the type: “our product will never work because the customers are low on the ceiling…!” ” . Needless to say, we do not do business with these types of companies.


Apart from this small minority – of which you are not a part since you are here you rather get down to researching methods to grab the attention of your prospects and convince them of the relevance of your products.

There is here an educational process to be carried out of which the Inbound Marketing methodology is the key.

Here are the steps to follow to properly prospect when your prospects do not understand your products.

4 steps to prospecting when your prospects don’t understand your products

To prospect properly, it is important to know exactly who you are talking to. I know, you are going to tell me that this is common sense and that you are already doing it. Well no !

Identify Your Best Prospects With Personas

Of course, you don’t go hunting for leads completely at random. You have most likely targeted a type of business to prospect as a priority. Usually, you do this depending on the size of the business, its field of activity, and possibly its revenue. Is not it ?

It’s not sufficient. To attract the attention of prospects who are not aware that products like yours exist or who cannot understand their uses and added value, you must demonstrate to them by A + B that your offer is the best solution to solve the problem they encounter.

In this process, it is essential to target your prospects more precisely by defining in great detail 1) your ideal customer profile and 2) the typical profile of the decision-maker you are going to prospect.

We are talking about Persona Marketing here .

Clearly here, you must draw a typical portrait of your prospect by answering the following questions in particular :

What is his role within the target company?
What are its objectives and the issues it encounters?
How does your prospect train and get informed?
What is his typical day?
After you have answered these questions, you will be able to move on to the next step.

Now that you have identified very precisely the companies you want to prospect and the decision-makers to whom you direct your efforts, you must position yourself as the expert to contact to resolve the problems of your prospects.

The key to success here is selflessness, proactivity and objectivity.

Are you wondering how to properly prospect? This is where everything will play out: to prospect effectively in the age of the Internet and social networks, you must offer your target quality content that provides concrete solutions to your target to solve their problems.

Create Content That Addresses The Issues Of Your Prospects

Naturally, the objective here is to position your offer as THE essential solution but not to fall into the trap of only promoting your offer.

Take our example: we offer services aimed at generating more prospects and attracting more customers with the Internet and Social Networks. Sometimes we promote our services, but the vast majority of the time we write articles like this to sincerely help you solve your problem.

This is how you will get the full attention of your prospects and make your prospecting strategy a success.

Step # 3: Connect with your prospects in an altruistic and proactive manner
Now you have a very clear idea of ​​who your prospects are and what their expectations are. You can rely on quality content to attract their attention and you gradually position yourself as a visible expert in solving their problems.

Now, let’s see how to transform the essay and move on to concrete prospecting.

Step # 4: Conclude!
At the end of the 3 previous steps, you can determine precisely how engaged your prospects are.

For the hottest prospects, it’s time to show yourself more enterprising by offering them a call to explore their needs and then an appointment during which you will give them a sales presentation focused on their objectives and issues.

For prospects who are not yet ready to buy, you will need to be more patient and do everything you can to fuel their buying decision over the weeks.

In this process, I recommend that you regularly send them personalized e-mails providing them with new, ever more precise content, in order to gradually position your offer as THE solution to be adopted.

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